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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Waking Hour rising 25
The Palanthas Herald

Sea Monster Guarding Palanthas Harbor

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Gildember 5, 421 AC

Palanthas - Palanthian authorities have released a sea monster into the harbor to assist in guarding the docks.

Early Palast morning Grayson Halliwell, Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans was seen on a small boat rowing out from the Palanthian docks. With the Monitor Prime was a small oddly assorted delegation that had arrived in the city several days before. The delegation made up of five people, a heavily robed individual and his four Bakali bodyguards, had been staying in the royal palace guests of the Emperor Jaymes Markham.

"Theys just went out a ways and stopped," said Franc Nolan a Palanthian dock worker. "Theys stood there gasbagging for ages, then that creepsy robed guy dropped something' in the water. He waved 'is arms and chanted, the water 'round the ship bubbled like it was boilin'. 'is words sent chills skitterin' up and downs me spine, I's ne'er been more scared, 'til it surfaced. Dat creatures all long wavy tentacles."

Several of the sailors who witnessed the creature surfacing have stated that it was sort of similar to the deep water squids, that are sometimes caught in the nets of Palanthas's fishing ships. An official announcement was later made by Monitor Adjutant James Rheidar of the Blue Partisans.

"To combat the influx of illegal goods and personnel entering Palanthas via the harbour, his Imperial Majesty Jaymes Markham the First, Emperor of all Solamnia has arranged for additional security for our harbor in the form of a highly trained sea creature. The creature purchased from Venom daughter of Sable the dragon overlord, is firmly under the control of the Emperor and the Blue Partisans and the loyal and obedient citizenry of Palanthas has nothing to fear from it."

The control the Blue Partisans have over the creature was firmly demonstrated two days later when it was called on to stop a ship attempting to flee the harbor. The ship, a suspected arms smuggler was running for open water when it wrapped its tentacles around vessel crushing the figurehead into kindling. None of the Blue Partisan ships on the water at the time were harmed.

Adventure Hook

The Steel Legion is attempting to smuggle in arms and fighters to assist the resistance in their fight for freedom, but there is a stumbling block in the form of a sea monster that needs eradicating.