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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Fourth Watch falling 2
The Palanthas Herald

Assassin Strikes Again; Kills Emperor's Spokeman

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Reapember 28, 421 AC

Palanthas – The Assassin has struck again, except this time his target was not one of the Blue Partisan's but the Emperor's Offical Spokesman.

According to witnesses, Lord Amersten Chesney, the official spokesman for Emperor Markham was killed shortly after Third Watch on Palast.

"It was that man they've been talking about in the Herald the past few weeks, the Assassin," said Irma Durmstrang, a mystic healer attached to the City Guard.

"Lord Chesney was giving a speech extolling the virtues of peaceful cooperation with the Blue Partisans for the good of all Palanthas when the Assassin appeared as if by magic in the crowd. He drew those wicked crossbows of his and before anyone could react fired two shots into the chest of Lord Chesney."

The winesses all report the same thing, Lord Chesney's form seemed to shrivel and melt into a gray featurelss form.

"The Assassin leapt onto the stage and pulled the body that was Lord Chesney up by the neck and showed it to the crowd and made his own speech," said Durmstrang.

"This is but a symbol of the disease which has taken root in this city, nay in all Solamnia," said the Assassin. "Dopplegangers walk among you and you don't even know it. I intend to strike the head of this beast from the body of all Solamnia, so that this Empire proceeds not in blindness but with open eyes."

Several of the Blue Partisans responded to the scene, but as suddenly as he appeared the Assassin disappeared.

"Just like that, he was gone," said Durmstrang. "I can't put my finger on it, but his voice sounded awfully familiar."

A contingent of City Guard was summoned to break up the gathering and to question the witnesses. The body of Chesney was taken by the Blue Partisans.

"We will examine the remains of the Spokesman and get to the bottom of this mystery," said the Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans. "In the meantime I have tripled the guards around Emperor Markham to protect him should the Asssassin become bolder. I pray he does, because it will be the last mistake he makes."

Sources in the Palace say that the Emperor has postponed all audiences until such time as the Asssassin is caught.

Adventure Hooks

The death of the Emperor's Spokesman marks the third instance in which a doppleganger was discovered to be masquerading in a position of authority. The Assassin seems to have uncovered a plot that has dire implications for all of Solamnia. How do you know who to trust when your neighbor, or an authority figure might not be who you think they are? Can the heroes trust each other? How do they know a doppleganger hasn't infiltrated their group? How can the heroes find out? More to the point what can the heroes do to reveal the dopplegangers in their midst?"