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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Fourth Watch falling 19
The Palanthas Herald

New Flagship Hunts Flaming Sword

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Reapember 28, 421 AC

Palanthas - After Emperor Markham named a new flagship captained by a former pirate, it fought the former flagship the Flaming Sword in a raging battle.

This week Emperor Jaymes Markham named a new flagship The Blue Fury, to replace The Flaming Sword which last week mutinied. In a startling move Emperor Markham appointed a former pirate as the Captain of The Blue Fury, the infamous Hanlon Pierce.

Captain Pierce, nicknamed the Bloody, was the scourge of the seas for over twelve years before mysteriously disappearing fifteen or so years ago. Many were the rumours as to his fate, some said he had retired to enjoy his ill gotten gains, others said he had been betrayed by his crew. There were even suggestions that he had met his end at the hands of The Palanthas Star, the famous ghost ship.

"He seems amazin'ly sprightly for a man who is s'pposed to be 'round sixty years," said Franc Nolan, a dock worker. "He's was boundin' 'round his new ship likes a teen wit' a new toy. Maybes he has elven blood or something."

The Blue Fury which set sail on the first tide encountered The Flaming Sword in the Bay of Branchala and battle was quickly joined.

"I have seen many battles in my years on the seas, all horrific, but this one was different - worse," said Captain Squall of The Winsome Dove a merchantman from Tarsis, that was passing nearby and witnessed some of the encounter.

"John Hunter is a long time friend of mine, he and The Sword have saved the lives of myself and my crew several times. To see them attacked by a ship supposedly loyal to Palanthas was just wrong. Pure and simply wrong." The witnesses say the battle between the two vessels was vicious with both unleashing their full arsenals, but it failed to reach a definitive conclusion when the badly damaged Blue Fury retreated.

"We leave in twenty-four hours, whether the ship is ready or not!" Captain Bloody Pierce was heard shouting as soon as The Blue Fury put into Palanthas, repairs on the damaged ship starting immediately. Although it has yet to be confirmed, there are strong rumours from the Palace that say Captain Pierce is trying convince Emperor Markham to hire some of the local pirates as privateers to assist in routing out The Flaming Sword.

Adventure Hooks

Help the damaged Flaming Sword survive against pirates in the employ of the Solamnic Emperor.