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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Fourth Watch falling 16
The Palanthas Herald

Blue Partisan Killed; Assassin Escapes

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bracha, Reapember 20, 421 AC

Palanthas – A member of the Blue Partisans has been murdered.

The Blue Partisan was murdered on Silver Street shortly after Evening Watch; according to Michael Brightshield who had stopped to chat with the Partisan.

"I stopped to converse with this brave protector of our fair city just after Evening Watch," said Brightshield. "I normally take a stroll down Silver Street before retiring for the night. I sought only to congratulate the Partisan on the difficult job he is doing protecting both our Emperor and our city when this grizzled man stepped out of the alley with two hand crossbows pointed at us."

According to Brightshield, the Partisan stepped between he and the armed man and demanded that the man drop his weapons.

"The man didn't listen to the Partisan's demand," said Brightshield. "He raised both crossbows and said, "I don't think so" then he fired. Both bolts struck the Partisan in the chest. He fell back into me. The stranger approached and the Partisan said, "It's you". It was the last words he spoke. The assassin then looked at me and said, "You never saw me."

Brightshield called for help, and a squad of City Guardsmen responded. They were too late to save the Partisan or arrest the assassin; who fled when Brightshield began yelling for help.

"The Partisan died in my arms," said Brightshield. "He gave his life to protect me and I don't even know his name."

The City Guardsmen took Brightshield's description of the assassin and have distributed it all over Palanthas. The Herald has reprinted it at the request of the Monitor Prime.

The assassin is described as tall and lean, with long unkempt beard and hair, and wears a dirty travel-stained cape. He is armed and considered extremely dangerous. Citizens encountering this assassin should not attempt contact and should report the sighting to the nearest City Guardsman or Blue Partisan.

The Monitor Prime had only a few brief comments.

"This assassin has taken the life of a devoted defender of the Emperor and the Empire. He will be hunted down with impunity and subjected to the Emperor's Justice. I warn all citizens of Palanthas, give no aid to this assassin; do so and you will suffer the Emperor's Justice as well."

The Partisan, identified only as Partisan 13, will be laid to rest later this week and be given a state funeral for his service to the Empire.

Adventure Hooks

Who is the stranger than has murdered one of the Blue Partisans? Is this just an isolated incident or does it bode ill for other Blue Partisans around the city? What relationship does the Assassin have with the Blue Partisan that was murdered? What ties does he have to the Blue Partisan organization? Where will the assassin strike next? Where is he hiding? Who is helping him avoid detection?