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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Waking Hour rising 13
The Palanthas Herald

A Hero's Funeral

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bracha, Reapember 20, 421 AC

Caergoth - The minotaur hero Ottun ohn Thonak was buried at sea this week with a ceremony witnessed by much of the city.

Ottun ohn Thonak the minotaur who last week gave his life to save that of the elven bard Sarah Brightsky, was this week buried at sea with ceremony fit for nobility. The remains of Thonak's body covered by a silken sheet were placed on a litter. Six minotaur sailors, including Thonak's captain. carried the litter, Sarah Brightsky and the other elven minstrels surrounded them their voices raised in a poignant hymn of mourning. The small procession wound its way through the streets of Caergoth crowded with onlookers, to the docks where a small ship was waiting.

"Twas so sad, the elven voices sounded pure and moving," said Much Millerson, member of the Caergoth guard. "Their grief was genuine and strong, as was the sense of farewell, but what surprised me was the joy. It was as if they were celebrating a life well led at the same as they were giving voice to their loss. It was extremely moving."

The body was placed atop an unlit pyre aboard the small ship. A pair of young Caergothian twins, Molly and Jacob Grieg, whom Thonak had befriended then placed white lilies atop their fallen friend. The small ships sail was raised before it was set free. It was then the turn of the litter bearers to raise their voices in song, deep and mournful and yet strong and proud.

"It was amazing," said Sadie Grieg, a Caergothian baker and mother of the twins. "The elves were sill singing their hymn when the minotaurs started theirs. You'd think that two such different races, with two such different songs would make for an awful racket, but it didn't. They blended together with a wondrous kind of harmony."

"Normally archers would have set the ship alight as it sailed away," Thonak's Captain told the Herald. "But Sarah Brightsky had requested the honour herself and it seemed only appropriate given Otto's fondness for her. I didn't expect the way she did it though." Witnesses say that Brightsky still singing, walked down the beach before continuing onto the water, treading upon it as if it was as firm as stone. After walking several hundred paces out, Brightsky raised both arms to sky before bringing them down sharply. In response a small shower of bright furious sparks burst into being above the ship before drifting down and setting it alight.

In related news, the kender Steel Legionnaire Kynan Fleetfoot who resurfaced in time for the funeral, has managed to capture one the dwarves believed to be behind the elaborate plot. "I haven't been able to get him to talk yet," said Ky Fleetfoot. "But from things I overheard, I believe him be a part of a cult of Hiddukal that is operating in Solamnia."

Caergothian authorities are investigating this claim.

Adventure Hooks

Chase down and destroy the Cult of Hiddukal