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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Minotaur Sailor Dies Saving Elven Minstrel

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Reapember 14, 421 AC

Caergoth - The minotaur who was recently charged with attacking an elven minstrel, this week gave his life saving her from the clockwork automaton stolen from Palanthas two weeks ago.

The clockwork automaton that was stolen from Palanthas over two weeks ago, viciously attacked the visiting elven minstrel troop, the Wanders of Astarin, this past Misham. The automaton a prototype of gnomish design was originally requisitioned by the now dissolved Palanthas senate and was envisioned as a weapon to protect the people of Palanthas.

"It looked like an oversized suit of armor," said Sadie Grieg, a Caergothian baker who was in the audience. "It charged through the evening crowd like we weren't there. Otto tried to stop, it but even his great strength was no match for it." Otto was Ottun ohn Thonak, a minotaur sailor who recently attacked Sarah Brightsky. When he was tried, Brightsky herself spoke up for the minotaur saying that she believed him to have been drugged and coerced into the attack. Unable to provide any proof, the judge temporarily released the minotaur into the elf's custody.

"It hurled itself onto the elves as they were performing on the stage," continued Sadie Grieg. And it tossed them about like they were just rag dolls. When it grabbed pretty lady Sarah, that's when Otto charged. Otto had big long sharp horns, they went right through that steel like it was butter, but wasn't butter, poor Otto was stuck. "Witnesses say the badly damaged automaton began squeal a shrill "metal-on-metal" sound, the minotaurs horns having pieced a vital mechanism. In less than ten heart beats after the initial impact the automaton exploded in a shower of metal fragments, killing Thonak and seriously injuring two others rushing to his aid.

The automaton's actions were controlled by a box that must be within one thousand feet of the construct for it to function correctly. Caergoth authorities are investigating reports of a suspicious dwarf and a shady human with what might have been the controller, seen lurking in the vicinity.

"Otto looked scary, he was tall, broad shouldered and very strong, even for a minotaur," added Sadie Grieg. "In the show the other day, he picked up Alfie the half-ogre, and with just one hand. As I said Otto looked scary, but he was really a big softly, you should've seen him with my little twins Molly and Jacob bouncing on his knees. They are going to miss him. I'm going to miss him."

Adventure Hooks

The heroes are either independent investigators or they are officials of the Caergoth City Guard. They have been tasked with hunting down those who stole the automaton and used it to attack the minstrels. The elven minstrels are also looking for their attackers determined to deliver their own justice on the perpetrators. The heroes may have a fight on their hands should the two groups intersect.