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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Waking Hour falling 10
The Palanthas Herald

Emperor Dissolves Senate; Senators Arrested.

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Paleswelt 31, 421 AC

Palanthas - Emperor Markham has dissolved the Palanthas Senate.

Today in a stunning exercise of his power, Emperor Jaymes Markham forcefully dismissed the Palanthas Senate and placed all members under arrest.

"This body has grown corrupt," said Emperor Markham shortly after the Senate began the day. "Since you will not willingly relinquish your power for the betterment of all Solamnia; I hereby dissolve this body. As of this moment the Palanthas Senate is no more."

Arguments quickly broke out protesting the actions of Emperor Markham. Several high ranking Senators including the Senate Chairman refused to budge.

"You have no authority to dissolve this body," said Chairman Miramar. "In fact if I have anything to say about it, soon you shall have no authority at all. There is a motion on the floor to remove you from power."

Servants present at the Palace report seeing Emperor Markham draw his famed sword Giantsmiter, from under his cloak; then activate its flame qualities.

"Emperor Markham walked up to the Chairman," said Emily Darwin, a chambermaid who until today served the Senate when it was in session. "I thought for sure he was gonna use it on Senator Miramar, but instead he smote the podium."

According to Darwin, Emperor Markham then proclaimed that the Senate was under arrest.

"This body is not only corrupt, but guilty of attempted insurrection as well. I hereby place all of you under arrest. Guards!"

"I fully expected to see some of the City Guard or Solamnic Legion respond to the Emperor's call, but nothing prepared me for the arrival of those soldiers in blue armor," said Darwin, "25 of them entered the Senate chambers. Emperor Markham called them the Blue Partisans and they surrounded the Senators.

Emperor Markham later explained his actions on the steps of the Palace, flanked by two of his Blue Partisans.

"The Senate had grown corrupt and rebuffed my attempts to make changes for the betterment of all Solamnia. Furthermore, they were plotting to remove me from power. This I could not allow to happen. I have formed a new organization whose sole purpose is the protection of the Empire; I call them the Blue Partisans. It was due to the actions of a covert member of this organization that I was able to take action against the Senate before they were able to take their treasonous vote."

Emperor Markham ended his comments without debate or question. His official spokesman, Lord Amstern Chesney has not been available for comment.

Adventure Hooks

Who are these Blue Partisans? What is happening with Emperor Markham? Why has he dissolved the Senate? Where is his spokesman? These questions and more await answers that only the heroes can get. The heroes must be careful in the manner in which they seek to answer these questions of they may suffer a fate worse that that of the Senate.