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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 3
The Palanthas Herald

Emperor to Expand, Restructure, and Relocate Senate

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Paleswelt 20, 421 AC

Palanthas – Emperor Markham today announced plans to expand and relocate the Senate.

Emperor Markham issued the decree on the steps of the palace shortly after High Watch.

"Long has the Palanthas Senate watched over those in power and served the interest of the people of Palanthas," said Emperor Markham. "It is time for the Senate to grow and serve not only the interests of Palanthians but all citizens of Solamnia. To that end I am announcing plans today to expand the Senate to 100 members. Each city will have two members, including Palanthas. This will mean some long serving senators will be forced into retirement. I do this not out of punishment to those senators but for the betterment of all Solamnia. It is also my intention to relocate the Senate out of the Palace. A new home for the Senate is already under construction. The Senate cannot do what it needs to if it has to contend with rumors of scandal due to being inside the Palace. Again I make this change for the betterment of all Solamnia."

The news was not well received by the sitting Senate.

"Markham has no right to restructure the Senate in this manner," said Senate Chairman Revas Miramar. "The Senate is here to make policy for the people of Palanthas, not the other territories. Let them form their own Senates or if Emperor Markham likes make a completely new body and invite all the territories of Solamnia to join it. Just leave our Senate alone."

Emperor Markham did not directly rebut Senator Miramar's statements, but his official spokesman, Lord Amstern Chesney did.

"The Emperor respectfully disagrees with the comments made by Senator Miramar," said Lord Chesney. "It is within the powers of the Emperor to restructure the governing bodies of any territory in Solamnia that he sees fit. Just ask the Lemishans. This is not meant to punish any of the current sitting Senators, but things must change if Solamnia is to be a viable entity. The Senate cannot focus solely on Palanthas anymore. It must take into consideration the needs of the Empire as a whole. It cannot do this populated solely by Palanthian nobility nor can it do so attached to the Palace. I applaud Emperor Markham for taking this step which is long overdue."

An emergency session of the Senate was called and according to sources within the Senate a number of proposals are being floated to prevent the restructuring and relocation of the Senate. One proposal put forth by Chairperson Miramar himself seeks to strip certain powers away from the Emperor and reserve them directly for the Senate.

"Markham has gone too far this time," said Miramar. "It's time someone grabbed that cur by the scruff of his neck and taught him some obedience. I would take great delight in being the one to do so. Alas, I will have to content myself with taking back some of his powers in the name of the people."