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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Fourth Watch falling 5
The Palanthas Herald

Monster Terrorizes Sanction

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Paleswelt 20, 421 AC

Sanction - This week a vicious monster crawled from the sea and terrorized the city before being killed by the brave Watch.

This past week the city of Sanction was terrorized by a monster of the deep. Attacking early Bakukal morning it sank two ships anchored in Sanction and damaged three more before the crews organised to drive it away from them.

"We's was woken by de shrieks from dem other sailors being eaten. I hears people die before, some in real bad ways, buts dis was de worst." Kultur Jules, a veteran sailor told the Herald. " It looked like a giant croco'gator with spikes and it smashed a nearby ship to pieces in under a minute. It didn't like it when we started to fight back, Couple a shots from ours ballista sent it running to land." The bodies of thirteen sailors were later recovered and twenty-six more are still missing, presumed dead.

Heading towards the docks, the creature rammed several of the supports of one of the main docks. Four dockhands that had been loading ships for departure on the morning tide were crushed as the structure collapsed. The creature then climbed out of the water, attacking anything that moved. Members of the Sanction's Watch confronted the creature, trying to slay it, but they had little success.

"We were totally outclassed, our weapons couldn't pierce its scaled hide," said Sergeant Vanessa Noble of the Watch. "But we were smarter than that critter, we had a plan. With the help of archers, my squad and I baited the beast in the direction of the lava flows." Noble and her squad fought valiantly, several sacrificing their lives to maneuver the monster onto a bridge over the lava flows that surround the city. "The bridge was like all the other bridges over the lava, designed to be collapsed in the event of war, "continued the sergeant. "Once we had it where we wanted it, we triggered the mechanism and dropped it down to fry."

Rumors about the city suggest that Lord Hogan Bight has received word from someone claiming responsibility for the creature and it's attack. Worse yet the person is demanding tribute be paid to prevent similar attacks in the future. Lord Bight's spokesman has as yet refused to confirm or deny these rumors.

Adventure Hooks

Earn the gratitude of Lord Hogan Bight and all Sanction by tracking down the one responsible for the monster.