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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour falling 9
The Palanthas Herald

Traitor Gains His Prize

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Paleswelt 13, 421 AC

Gwynned - After drawing out the Archmage Hugh Conlyn with a distraction, the Ergothian traitor Lord Maryno Asyarthus raided the wizard's townhouse gaining the last piece of his prophetic puzzle.

As a column of a hundred cavaliers marching two abreast returned to Gwynned this Bakukal they were attacked by horde of frenzied human berserkers. The human fanatics were supported by swarms of rats, which were large enough to unnerve the warhorses of the Ergothian cavaliers. The chaotic attackers emerging from the surrounding alleys and side streets threatened to overwhelm the experienced soldiers only their strong discipline enabled them to survive.

"It takes a lot to spook a fully trained Ergothian destrier," said Lady Rhona Milson, the cavalier in command of the force. "Whoever had the idea of using oversized rats against us was smart; it was all we could do to keep our saddles. We had no chance of charging and bringing our lances to bear on the berserkers, so I ordered them dropped and swords drawn. We divided into smaller squads to provide more maneuverability in the tight confines of the streets, but we were still having a great deal of trouble, thankfully the infantry arrived."

Forces led Captain Adan Drosta rallied to assist their colleagues, but then a second enemy wave hit, swarms of wasps the size sparrows. Additional help arrived in the form of Archmage Hugh Conlyn and several of the city's more powerful mages. Fighting continued for almost ten minutes before all enemy forces were killed or subdued and the Archmage was just beginning to interrogate the prisoners when a thunderous explosion rocked the city. A small band of men led by the traitor, Maryno Asyarthus himself was assaulting the Archmage's townhouse. When the Ergothians reached the Archmage's residence they found that a good portion of the house collapsed.

"Asyarthus wanted that breastplate found in Daltigoth and now unfortunately he has got it," said Archmage Conlyn. "It is the last of the artifacts he needed and if it has half the power Asyarthus believes it has, then I fear for the Empire." Rumors are circulating through the city suggesting all is not as it seems, that Lord Asyarthus has fallen into a trap crafted by the Archmage. Conlyn's home is widely regarded as the most magically secure building in the empire, so people are asking how the traitor manage to enter and leave so easily.

A spokesman for the Emperor issued a statement saying that agents of the Emperor were hot on the trail, but that the citizens of Ergoth should take extra precautions until the renegade is caught.

Adventure Hooks

Loyal subjects of Ergoth may want to track down the renegade Lord out of duty. The Legion of Steel would wish to protect the ordinary man from some great calamity. The conclave would want to confiscate the dangerous magical artifact.