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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour rising 13
The Palanthas Herald

Investigative Expedition Returns

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Paleswelt 4, 421 AC

Palanthas - Lord J. Phyleas Vernon and his investigative expedition returned from the Throtl wilds after successfully locating a city where goblins can fly.

The investigative expedition of Palanthian noble J. Phyleas Vernon, an eccentric explorer, inventor and entrepreneur returned triumphantly from the wilds of Throtl this week. Vernon and his friends disappeared into the eastern wilds weeks ago, seeking a goblin city of legend, where the inhabitants could fly. Weeks of extensive research in the great library had provided Vernon and friends enough tantalizing hints as to the existence of such a place.

"We searched for several long weeks crisscrossing the high mountain peaks before we finally found it, a small floating city," said Lord J. Phyleas Vernon. "The inhabitants call it Melanitus which means Tombstone in the Common tongue. It rests nestled in the bowl of an extinct volcano, floating a half a mile or so above the crater floor. The population of Tombstone is made up of goblins, hobgoblins and even a few bugbears. The goblins all fly via a cunningly crafted glider, while the hobgoblins train hippogriffs as aerial mounts." Pointing upwards Lord Vernon's gnomish companion Zoom, a so-called mad gnome swooped down over the assemblage strapped into one of the goblin gliders. This startling display was followed by another, as a fierce looking hobgoblin warrior mounted on a ferocious hippogriff glided into land next to the nobleman.

"This is Khror the Slayer, Champion of Tombstone and his noble mount Storm," continued Lord Vernon, indicating the hobgoblin and the hippogriff. "The history of the Sky Clan is fascinating, their tribal legends speak of a great betrayal, of a time when Takhisis turned from them, left them to the mercies of forces of light, but she returned once more demanding absolute fealty. When the Sky Clan refused to obey Her, Takhisis sent a ferocious dragon named Tombstone to annihilate them. Takhisis however, had failed to recognize the integrity in her instrument of vengeance, for Tombstone came to admire the goblins honor and bravery and refused Her Dark Majesty's orders to kill them. Takhisis sent more dragons, three brutal blood thirsty reds to kill all, rebellious dragon and goblins."

"In a glorious battle the Sky Clan still celebrates to this day, Tombstone took out two of the reds before succumbing to the third, the hippogriff mounted warriors of the clan united against the final red and although many of them died in the battle, the clan's warriors triumphed in the end. Takhisis cursed Tombstone, letting neither the dragon's spirit nor body rest, preventing her from reaching the ground. The Sky Clan swore an oath to watch over the dragon and to assist Kiri-Jolith turned the corpse to stone and ever since the Sky clan has made their home atop Tombstone."

Khror the Slayer of the Sky Clan is staying with Lord Vernon in Palanthas while learning about the wider world.