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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 23
The Palanthas Herald

Governor Riyan Slain; True Identity Revealed

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Paleswelt 4, 421 AC

Lemish – Governor Laird Tom Riyan of Lemish has been slain and has been revealed to be a doppelganger.

The Governor was killed last week when the 4th Solamnic Legion finally broke through the gates of Lemish following a prolonged standoff with Lemishan forces; however, the death blow was dealt not by a knight, but by a draconian.

Lady Cassandra Blacktree, Knight of the Sword engaged the Governor in single combat. She told the Herald, "Governor Riyan was stronger than I would have given him credit for. He also seemed to have an uncanny ability to avoid my strikes; almost as if he could tell what I was going to do before I had done it. I could not find an opening in his defenses and his blows were wearing me down. His blows were much more powerful than I thought possible for a man his age. It's like his arms were crafted from stone. I called on the power of Kiri-Jolith and was finally able to muster a counter attack. I pushed him back against a wall and had my blade at his throat, but then he changed."

"Governor Riyan laughed at me. He said, "Don't think you've won Knight. This is just the end of round one." "Governor Riyan threw down his sword and his body changed. It grew taller, denser, and more hairy. In mere seconds Governor Riyan had become a bugbear. I barely brought my sword up in time to ward off his powerful fist; even then the force of it knocked me prone."

According to several onlookers, the bugbear gloated over the fallen knight saying, "That's it Knight, cower before the might of Tyrak."

Shana (33) of Elmwood said, "I thought for sure the knight was going to die. That hideous brute raised both of his tree-like arms and was preparing to smite the woman when a strange green draconian appeared and distracted the bugbear allowing the knight a chance to get to her feet."

"The draconian addressed the bugbear not as Tyrak or Riyan, but as Lord Tyrian and he addressed her only as "witch", said Shana. "Tyrian howled and rushed the draconian, but roots erupted from the ground and entangled the bugbear.

"One of the roots wrapped around the head of the bugbear," said Blacktree. "I staggered to my feet and attempted to stop what I knew was coming, but I was too slow. The draconian said to the bugbear, "You've hunted me and my family for the last time doppelganger." "Her voice was cold, but not without emotion. Before I could react she pulled the roots tight and I heard a sickening crunch."

All witnesses agree that as the bugbear fell he changed into something else. This form was slender gray-skinned and nearly featureless except for eerie yellow eyes.

"The draconian called the creature a doppelganger, however she disappeared before I could get any further information," said Blacktree. "I for one would like to know how the Abyss she knew this was Lord Tyrian. That is supposed to be classified information known only to a select few."

The draconian was positively identified as Charyss Whitemantle, Leader of the Circle of the World Mother and one time resident of Palanthas. Where she disappeared to after the battle has yet to be determined.

According to sources within the 4th Legion, all surviving members of the cult known as the Believers of the Restoration have been rounded up and are to be held for interrogation and trial.