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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Last Watch falling 13
The Palanthas Herald

Magic Runs Amuck Again

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fierswelt 28, 421 AC

Palanthas - A water elemental summoned by a kingfisher to fight a fire, broke free and raged through the docks.

This past week, a crew of dock workers was unloading a shipment of fine Ergothian fabrics when a lantern was accidentally knocked over. When the volatile mix of oil and fabric threatened to set the entire warehouse district aflame, a kingfisher Evan uth Rydell who had been in a patrol passing nearby, summoned a water elemental to assist in dousing the fire.

A water elemental is an alien creature almost entirely made of water. Wizards use their spells to summon and control them to complete appropriate tasks.

"It was working well, "said Morris Sheppard of the Guard. "Thanks to Rydell's water creature we were gaining the upper hand. With just a touch it could put out a large area of fire, but then it just stopped, not responding to any of Rydell's commands. It shimmered, wavered almost as if it was trying to move but couldn't, then it suddenly swelled growing in size, to over fifteen feet tall. It then began to careen wildly about crashing through walls and people alike. Young Hollis Winslow a volunteer fire fighter was hurled over thirty feet, thankfully there were clerics on hand or he might not be alive now."

The elementals wild path not only took it through buildings already damaged from last week's rampaging golem, but also damaged several others in the area. Members of the Guard led by Sheppard attacked the creature, but their weapons appeared to have little effect; worse yet, because of the increased size and power of the elemental, the magic of Rydell and the other mages on hand had very little effect.

"Whatever happened to the elemental altered it at a fundamental level, increasing its mass, power and cohesive properties on this plane," said Evan uth Rydell. "We couldn't use our more powerful magic on it for fear of harming innocents, so I cast a short range teleportation spell and sent it out into the bay. Thankfully the summoning spell burnt itself out before the elemental made landfall again."

Emperor Markham sought the advice of the White Witch and upon her recommendation has set up an investigative committee that will work with the Conclave's representatives to discover the cause of the mysterious magical calamities. The Emperor also issued a decree recommending that all those with arcane capabilities to only use their spells when necessary while within Palanthas city limits.