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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Darkwatch rising 7
The Palanthas Herald

Tarsis Falls; New Marshall Takes Command

by Sticko, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Fierswelt 16, 421 AC

Tarsis- the city of Tarsis fell without a fight only days after Sir Erik's' forces crossed the border. The Skull Knight then assumed command of the city.

Several months ago the Herald reported on a civil war within the ranks of the Dark Knights in Tarsis. After those initial reports all contact with Tarsis ceased. It is only within the last week that we learned the results of that civil war. The city fell after offering a sparse token resistance and Sir Erik, Knight of the Skull assumed command of the Dark Knight factions in the city.

According to sources within the Dark Knight Council; it was decided that they could not hold onto the city when Sir Nolan Breeze Knight of the Lily attempted to take the factions only flight of five blue dragons against the rebels only to have the dragons disobey all commands, shake of their riders and fly off.

The knights of Neraka released this statement shortly afterward, "All loyal citizens of Tarsis are urged to leave the city as any who stay will be labeled enemies of the state when the full Tarsis army is assembled and retakes the city from this usurper."

Most of the Dark Knights in the city left at the command of Sir Harrop Knight of the Lily and commander of the field to join up with amassed talons from all across Kharolis; leaving only a token force to assist the Town Guard in defense of the city.

The shocking actions of the Dark Knights drew harsh criticism from most nobles including the Lady of Tarsis, Selena Blasim who is quoted as saying, "Sir Harrop is a fool and a coward. He left us defenseless. He may believe he will be able to crush Sir Erik when he can muster all his loyal Talons in one place, but he will not find himself or his men as welcome in Tarsis upon their return. I, for one, welcome Sir Erik."

Witnesses to Sir Erik's approach to the city report that he was greeted at the front gate of the city by a single girl named Tarja Uth Fallon, who reportedly knelt in deference to the Dark Knight and told him, "this is the only defense the city has from your might".

According to these same witnesses, the gates then opened and the children of Tarsis poured out surrounding Sir Erik and his retinue. The children of the city then also fell to their knees before him.

Sir Erik is said to have dismounted and lifted Tarja to her feet and called out that he would defend the city and all within it till the last breath.

Sir Erik entered the city on foot leading a precession of children right to the steps of the palace where he was greeted by the Lady of Tarsis and a few stalwart nobles who had not fled at the urging of Sir Harrop. Lady Blasim told Sir Erik, "The city is yours, we cannot stop you.

She attempted to place on his head the legendary Crown of Kharolis, but he stopped her, saying to the gathered masses, "I am a Marshal not a king."

The Dark Knight council of Neraka have yet to acknowledge Sir Erik's claim nor have they denied it. Sources within the the Dark knights gathered at Wayend under Sir Harrop Knight of the Lilly say that he has petitioned Neraka to send men and label Sir Erik a traitor to the knight hood but Neraka is still silent on the matter.

Sir Erik has taken up residence in the palace and has issued a few laws including reinstating the town watch under a new commander as well as a curfew for all citizens. The Lady of Tarsis and the Council approve of Sir Erik's measures and there has been little dissent.

Sir Erik has yet to commit to an interview with the Herald but his Chamberlain has said he will address the press when he has the time.