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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Admiral Duels with Captain Kingfisher

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Fierswelt 16, 421 AC

Ambeon - Admiral Marak es Conlyn of the Imperial minotaur navy dueled to the death with the elven pirate, Captain Kingfisher of the Ashaynnth.

This past week, the Honored Warrior, a ship commanded by Admiral Marak es Conlyn of the Imperial minotaur navy encountered the elven pirate ship the Ashaynnth in the Bay of Balifor. Initially the pirate ship turned and fled, seeking to lose their pursuers like they had so many times before, but when the Honored Warrior was attacked by a swarm of sea monsters the Ashaynnth returned to assist the beleaguered minotaur vessel.

"Some may wonder why such enemies would actually assist us," said Romak es Conlyn, Marak's eldest son and Captain of the Honored Warrior. "Those individuals just don't understand life at sea, the life of a mariner. If someone is being attacked by creatures of the deep, you render assistance, because the next time it might be you and your ship."

According to reports, the elven crew of the Ashaynnth didn't just settle for providing long range assistance, the skilled elven weapon masters were led aboard the minotaur war galley by the Kazelati warrior Elygar. Together they fought side by side with the minotaur marines, eventually beating the monsters back into the sea.

"Without their help, we would not have survived the assault," continued Captain Romak. "We have no way of dealing with sea trolls; if we use fire we risk our ships. Their wizards were able to dispose of the wretches with little damage to the Honored Warrior."

Once the monsters were dealt with the Kingfisher and Admiral Marak conferred and agreed to a duel to the death to settle their argument. If the admiral won, he would take possession of the Ashaynnth releasing the crew somewhere they would be safe and if the Kingfisher won, the minotaurs would let the Ashaynnth go free and not give chase until the sun had set.

"It was a magnificent contest, the greatest duel I have ever witnessed, my father did our clan, our people proud," continued Captain Romak. "My father was one of the greatest living swordsmen amongst our people, but the Kingfishers skill with the blade is such that she was able to hold her own. Her speed and balance are almost unearthly and she used them to wear my father down, then she closed in and ran him through."

It is estimated by the minotaurs that the two fought for almost half an hour before the dramatic end. "True to our word we let them go, our honor demanded nothing less. As the elves sailed away, the crew of the Ashaynnth lined the rails of that sleek ship of theirs and sang the elven song of mourning."

The body of Admiral Marak es Conlyn is being escorted back to Nethosak by his son for a full state funeral next week. Meanwhile unconfirmed reports place the Ashaynnth in the Blood Sea of Istar.