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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Seventh Watch rising 14
The Palanthas Herald

Ancient Maps Discovered; Other Lands Depicted.

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Fierswelt 8, 421 AC

Wind Dancer – Scholars exploring the ogre ruins at Wind Dancer uncovered a trove of ancient maps which depict other lands than Ansalon.

The maps each approximately four feet by three feet are etched on vellum and written in the ancient ogre language of Kolshet.

Marcus Polonius, Cleric of Gilean from Gwynedd, led a group of scholars into the ogre controlled territory. He told the Herald, "It wasn't easy to get into the ruins. We had to dodge ogre patrols for several days. At one point we had to literally hide within the stones of the mountain. Fortunately for us, we had among our number a dwarven earth mystic, named Dylan Thunderhammer. In fact were it not for his abilities to commune with the earth; we never would have found the ancient maps."

"The earth spoke to me of a hidden chamber," said Thunderhammer. "I quickly sculpted a door through the rock which allowed us to evade the ogre patrol which had discovered us. I didn't know it was anything special; I just wanted to find a place for my friends and me to hide."

The chamber held the ruins of an ancient scriptorium.

"Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the chamber contained the remnants of an ancient scriptorium," said Polonius. "Even more amazing was what was sitting on the desk; five maps of obviously ancient origins one of which depicted the world of Krynn as it appeared in the early Age of Dreams."

"According to the writing on the map, Ansalon was once connected to several other continents in one super-continent the ogre scribe called Taeradon. The other four maps depicted continents of which most people have only heard of one; Taladas. The other three continents are called Adlatum, Chorane, and Ryodo. "

The discovery of the maps has been met with skepticism by many scholars who question the authenticity of the maps. One such scholar, Kaiden Bratliff told the Herald, "I know not from whence these supposed maps of ancient Krynn came, but I do not think they originate in this timestream."

This sentiment is echoed by many scholars though arguments are already brewing as to what may have caused the continents to break apart. One leading theory is that the Magestorms unleashed at the end of the Second Dragon War are the cause.

"It will be many months before we are able to determine the authenticity of the maps," said Polonius. "However, we may never know what caused the continents to separate. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma."