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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Merchant Ship Attacked By Sea Monsters

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Fierswelt 8, 421 AC

Blood Sea - The merchant vessel "The Winsome Dove" was attacked by monsters of the deep in the Blood Sea of Istar.

This past week the Tarsan merchantman "The Winsome Dove" was attacked by sea monsters. The ship carrying goods from a port in the kingdom of Khur to Palanthas, was set upon just after midnight by a widely assorted pack humanoid monsters.

"We'd had nary a breeze for several days, so to make up for lost time, I foolishly decided to risk crossing over the centre of the Blood Sea, the area where the Maelstrom used to be," explained Captain Squall of "The Dove". "I normally avoid the maelstrom area, too many ghosts - from the good sailors who were consumed by the maelstrom to the foolish souls of God damned Istar. I should've known better. Jus' after midnight the ship was swarmed by tis pack o' monsters, we woulds been lost if it weren't for our passengers, a red robe and her pet dwarf. Willow and Alexandra managed to kill and maim enough of the creatures to force them to retreat. I was so grateful, I refunded ten percent of their fare."

Willow Irisson an experienced and savvy human battlemage is a native of Haven and her companion is Alexandra Goldenmane a mercenary Neidar barbarian from Khur. The ship's crew reported a wide variety of creatures involved in the attack including scrags, the hideous sea trolls.

"I believe that they may have been enchanted and forced to attack our ship by a mage," said Irisson. "Their behaviour was extremely odd from the start, what you would call extremely reluctant. So I cast a spell to dispel any magic that might be on them and they almost immediately turned tail and fled." Goldenmane added the following, "I am nobody's pet."

In the face of this revelation, the minotaur empire has re-examined the wreckage of their recently lost ship's that they had previously attributed to the elven pirate ship the Ashaynnth. "After an extensive inspection of the wreckage we have recovered from our destroyed ships, we now believe that about a third of those ships were in fact destroyed by these monsters," said Marak es Conlyn, an admiral in the minotaur navy. A vocal minority amongst the minotaurs has suggested that it is the elves who are responsible for controlling these monsters, but Conlyn disagrees. "There aren't many elves left who command such magic and I think they'd have far better uses for their time than send sea critters after our ships, besides "The Winsome Dove" is a Tarsan vessel crewed by humans."