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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 22
The Palanthas Herald

Battle At Northanger Keep

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Fierswelt 8, 421 AC

Northern Ergoth - Pitched battle ensued at Northanger Keep when the Imperial forces met with a small mercenary army led by the traitor Maryno Asyarthus.

A sizeable portion of the Imperial Army sent to secure Northanger Keep the ancestral home Asyarthus clan was this week attacked by a mercenary army loyal to the traitor and murderer Maryno Asyarthus. The mercenary's human cavalry attacked without warning, inflicting heavy casualties in their initial charge on the troops who had just settled in for the night.

"We were lucky that the Archmage was there investigating the keep," said fifteen year veteran spearman, Captain Adan Drosta. Archmage Hugh Conlyn is the emperors counsellor on magic and currently investigating Maryno Asyarthus. "It was only his spells that gave us enough time to rally and form ranks. Conjured a huge wall of fire, turned rock hard ground into quagmires, unleashed swarms of insects. Those money grubbing mercs didn't know what hit them. Then it was our turn, we showed them what trained spearmen can do against cavalry, they ran after facing us for just a couple of minutes ."

Imperial forces lost just under seventeen men to the surprise attack and of the estimated two hundred plus mercenary horseman, over half were wounded or killed in the exchange. The mercenaries retreated with the small unit of imperial cavalry harassing them.

"When we interrogated the survivors, we found out that they were hired by Maryno Asyarthus," said Conlyn. "He had told them there was a secret imperial facility for minting coins in the cellar. That had just finished processing a large load of steel coins and if they took the building, they could have it all. It was all just a distraction though, several of the artifact's in the keep that I had catalogued were gone when I returned. Amongst the things Asyarthus retrieved was an old wood and bronze shield, a pitted bronze spearhead and silver buckle, all things that he apparently believes was Ackal Ergot's personal possessions."

"After perusing Asyarthus's personal papers, I believe he thinks these are enchanted and when gathered together with certain other items they will meet the requirements of an ancient and obscure prophecy predicting the rebirth of the old empire." When asked if these items were actually magical in nature, the Archmage gave the following reply. "Unfortunately I did not have the time to examine all these artifacts, but the spearhead and the shield are both genuinely enchanted. That of course doesn't mean they were ever anything to do with Ackal Ergot."

The Emperor ordered all Imperial forces to be mobilised and has sent reinforcements to Northanger Keep, including additional mages.