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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Seventh Watch rising 14
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Arsonist's Identity Rocks Ergoth

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Holmswelth 30, 421 AC

Ergothian Empire - Emperor Redic has issued an arrest warrant for Lord Maryno Asyarthus.

Surprise rippled through the Ergothian Empire this week when Mercadior Redic issued an arrest warrant for Lord Maryno Asyarthus. Lord Asyarthus, a popular figure with both the nobles and the ordinary people of the Empire recently organised what is considered the most successful Grand Tourney in living memory.

"At first there was a lot of dark rumblings and mumblings," said Stefano Emandys of the Gwynned city watch. "Asyarthus was a much admired man, so much so, even I was taken in by his charm and guile. Little did we understand the dire depths of his ambition. When Archmage Hugh Khonlyn examined the scene of last week's fire that killed the famed tailer Marne Jovinus, he confirmed our suspicions that it was in fact magical arson."

Archmage Hugh Khonlyn, a powerful white robe, is the Emperor Redic's counsellor on magical affairs despite his relative youth.

"It was obvious from the first moment that I saw the melted stone walls, that it was no ordinary fire," said Archmage Konlyn. "Certainly fabrics can burn at great heat, but this was just too hot and not only that, it burned for far too long, no this could have only been accomplished by the use of magic. With only a little effort I determined that the remnants of the unguent found by the guard was a volatile arcane ignition and fuel source." In an effort to discover the truth of the murder and the source of the powerful and dangerous magic, Hugh Konlyn petitioned Lord Jovinus to speak with his deceased son before his body was interred in the family crypt.

"I spoke with Marne Jovinus before he departed for the next stage of his journey," Konlyn continued. "And was able to discover that it was Lord Asyarthus who was responsible for the fire. It seems that young Jovinus accidentally overheard Asyarthus discussing his plans to take control of the empire. With the assistance of the guard I searched Asyarthus's townhouse here in Gwynned and found numerous incriminating documents detailing his plans. Northanger Keep ancestral home of the Asyarthus clan has been seized by the imperial army and I will be leading an investigative team there soon. Lord Asyarthus's exact location is unknown to us at this time, but suspect he has taken refuge with allies in the hinterlands."