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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch falling 22
The Palanthas Herald

Fourth Rune Man Discovered Near Elven Ruins

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Holmswelth 23, 421 AC

Flotsam - A fourth man covered by strange, pulsing black runes was found near the elven ruins of Micah on Kirinor. Unlike the other rune-carved, this man, identified as Flight Marshal Suval, a high-ranking officer in the Black Dragonarmy during the War of the Lance, was able to communicate with the people who found him

"My patient is in agony," said Tyra Krieg, chief physician with the House of Medicine in Flotsam. "The black runes that cover every inch of his continuously eat at his skin and there is nothing we can do to ease his pain. Furthermore, the stench of burning flesh has become too much to bear for several of my colleagues and they have been forced to leave the room. What strikes me as odd is that the acid, which is what I'm assuming it is, doesn't burn through his skin."

"My patient is able to communicate with us in spite of the awful pain he is forced to endure. He told us how his dragon was literally pulled from the sky by some powerful force while the two were en route to Flotsam. My patient only caught a brief glimpse of the person and he describes her as a pale-skinned dwarf woman covered with runes similar to those on this own body, save that hers were white, black, green, blue, and red."

Unlike the other three rune-carved individuals who have been discovered so far, Suval did not die in battle, according to Suval himself. However, while it may be true that he was not killed in combat, documents graciously loaned to us by Lord Toede of Flotsam indicate that the ruins of Micah were destroyed during the Second Dragon War and that powerful magical energies were unleashed. According to Trestan Rael, the mage who investigated the discovery of a rune-carved man near Sanction two months ago, the magical energies released during the destruction, and which still linger in the ruins, were instrumental in keeping Suval alive.

"Whoever has done this to these former Dragonarmy soldiers, and I have no doubt that a single individual or an organization of some kind is behind this, knew about what had happened in Micah and chose it for that particular reason," said Trestan Rael. "Why our friend Suval here was chosen, I don't know. We can only guess at this point, and I believe his dragon mount made him an obvious candidate for the culprit."