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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Ergoth Hosts Grand Tourney

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Holmswelth 11, 421 AC

Gwynned - This past week Ergoth hosted a five day Grand Tourney, which celebrates their traditions as cavaliers and equestrians.

The six day celebration, staged by Ergoth, drew people from across the empire and even further a field. Events included, amongst others, jousting, racing and showjumping. Contests in non-equine martial skills were also run, including swordsmanship and archery. However, the crowning event was the mock battle staged on the final day.

"For me, the bestest was the jousting," said Winifred Chaucer, the 12-year-old daughter of Lord Geoffrey Chaucer. "All those mighty cavaliers bravely rushing at each other, sun glinting off their shiny armor - it was glorious! I 'specially liked Kenneth Rhogarson, the cavalier who finally won - he's dreamy. In a couple of years, after I have finished my training, I'm going to compete and win and become a tournament champion too." Sir Kenneth Rhogarson personally defeated over fifty opponents to win the title of Champion Jouster.

"I liked the sword fighting contests," said Andrew Falworth, the 13-year-old second son of Lord Falworth. "I know they weren't fighting on horseback, but I really admired their skill. I just hope that one day my skill with blade is half that good. The Sword Champion, Sir Duarte Hyannis was taught by the Empire's greatest living swordmaster Janos Stornath, who is to be my new instructor." Sir Duarte Hyannis fought his way through ten twenty man battles to become Sword Champion.

The mock battle on the final day was arranged by Lord Maryno Asyarthus, a favorite of the common people and counsellor to Ergoth's Emperor, Mercadior Redic VI. Asyarthus, a fan of the founder of the Empire, Ackal Ergot, orchestrated a reenactment of one of his greatest triumphs.

"Ackal Ergot was a brutal dictator and a butcher, but he was also a tactical genius and an inspirational leader." Asyarthus told the Herald. "By careful study of what little records survive from the time of the first Emperor, we can not only learn what to do to triumph sand inspire, but also what not to do to be a merciless tyrant." The battle included over two thousand cavaliers and three thousand footman dressed in antiquated armor. The reenactment was such a rousing success with the audience, Asyarthus has promised to stage another at the next tourney in three years time.