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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch falling 14
The Palanthas Herald

Investigative Expedition Mounted

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Holmswelth 11, 421 AC

Palanthas - Palanthas notable Lord J. Phyleas Vernon has mounted an expedition to investigate rumours of flying goblins.

Palanthian noble J. Phyleas Vernon, an eccentric explorer, inventor, and entrepreneur, has organized an expedition to investigate the rumors and legends surrounding a city of flying goblins that is supposed to exist somewhere in the rugged mountains of central Ansolon.

"Phyleas is a fool and a dreamer," said Igor Vernon, the nobleman's distant cousin. "He has become obsessed with these stories of goblins who have invented a mechanical means of flying. He first heard of the story from a kender named Tinklehoof Barefoot, or something of the like and instead of ignoring the little blighter's shrill ramblings like a sensible person would have, Phyleas went immediately to the library to research what information he could there. He claims to have found significant evidence, but personally I think he is making mountains out molehills again - like he did when tried to convince people there twelve breeds of draconians instead of five."

Accompanying Lord Vernon on his trip will be several veterans of his past explorations, firstly Mhadri Half-Elven, a wilderness expert who will act as guide through the hostile terrain. Next is Zoom, a so-called mad gnome and Lord Vernon's engineer. Steglyk "Helm" Half-Ogre is the last, a childhood friend of Lord Vernon's, who acts as his bodyguard. Lord Vernon has also contracted five dwarven mercenaries for extra security in the dangerous wilderness he wishes to explore.

Unable to speak with Lord Vernon himself, the Herald asked Mhadri Half-Elven what the evidence was that had inspired this trip. "Mostly Phyleas found reports of distant or second hand sightings," said Mhadri. "However, he did find two credible accounts. One was an ancient report of a fevered knight of Solamnia who was nursed back to health in a lofty city guarded by flying goblins. When the knight was unable to provide directions to this city, his superiors wrote it off as a delusion brought about by his fever, even though the knight swore to the accuracy of his statement."

"The other was from the equally ancient journal of the leader of a dwarven exploration team out of Garnet. They were apparently investigating sights of mineral wealth they might be able to exploit, when they stumbled across a band of goblins. There was nothing unusual about these goblins, but goblin they were torturing had the remains of a winged contraption still strapped to his back. Phyleas believes it most likely that if these goblins did once exist they were probably destroyed during the cataclysm or the troubles since."

Phyleas Vernon and his expedition departed for Throtl Gap this past Palast.