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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch falling 12
The Palanthas Herald

The Battle of Throtl Gap

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bracha, Fleurgreen 24, 421 AC

Throtl Gap - The forces of light have confronted the Red Dragonhorde, and with the help of new allies, triumphed.

The Red Dragonhorde marching from Sanction through Throt, was met by the gathered armies of light in Throtl Gap. The Knights of Solamnia along with the Ergothian cavaliers spread out in an enormous line moved steadily towards the raging horde, but pulled back before fully engaging. The undisciplined barbarians responded with a full charge. The knights as they fell back changed formation forming long columns, which could manoeuvre safely through their maze of traps and fortifications. Elves high a top mounds a stones rained arrows down with deadly skill. Disciplined minotaur phalanxes stood stalwart against the unruly mass.

"While the Dragonhorde took three months to loot, then burn Sanction we were able ready Throtl Gap in a fashion to suit our needs," said Sturm Brightblade, Knight of the Rose and Commander of the Solamnic forces. "The Dwarves of Garnet erected a maze of walls and mounds which we laced with trip lines, stake pits, hedgehogs and other devices to slow the barbarians down. The Dragonhorde's great weapon is their massed charged, in the open, at full speed it is nigh unstoppable, so we slowed them down and split them up. Then we taught them how we make war."

"We charged them full tilt," continued Emperor Mercadior Redic of Ergoth, commander of the Ergothian cavaliers. "There is very little tightly packed undisciplined infantry can do against a proper charge of heavy cavalry. Our knights mowed them down, grinding them into the fortifications or the Minotaur formations."

"My minotaurs were arranged into numerous small defensive formations," said Chot es Kalin, Emperor of the Minotaurs, commonly referred to as the Paladin King because of his service to Kiri-Jolith. "As the knights' charge was slowed, these units began to go on the offensive, decimating the already demoralized barbarians. The horde was on the edge of routing when we felt it, the fear and we knew the dragons were coming."

"That meant it was time for us to go to work," growled Tanis Half-Elven, adopted son of Solostaran Kanan. The grizzled one eyed Captain of the Windriders is a veteran of numerous battles against the barbarians, even though he is half-barbarian himself. "We were under no allusions, our griffons are fierce, fast and fearless, but they're no match for the might of dragons, - not to mention the fact that we were outnumbered. We took to the air..."flying into the jaws of death." I never understood that phrase until today, I lost two thirds of my men and I was going to lose the rest until "they" arrived - the other dragons."

These were the legendary good dragons, gold, silver, copper, bronze, and brass. Creatures that fought with Huma in the Third Dragonwar and here they saved the armies of light from annihilation. Unconfirmed rumors say that it was Laurana Kanan and her Kagonesti lover that somehow convinced the metallic dragons to join the fight.