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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Taskforce Enters Palanthas Rift

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Fleurgreen 31, 422 AC

Palanthas - A taskforce has entered the temporal rift discovered last week in Palanthas to discover what lies on the other side and also to discover a way to close it.

The decision to enter the rift was made earlier this week by a joint council made up of the Orders of High Sorcery, the Holy Orders of Gilean, Zivilyn, Kiri-Jolith, and Majere, and Lionel uth Drastin, Knight of the Gold Lance.

"I volunteered to lead this expedition because one of these rifts recently appeared at my family's castle," said Drastin. "From that rift came an evil version of my ancestor, a Blackguard named Drastin the Vile. It took much effort to push Drastin the Vile back through the rift to his own timeline. I want to ensure nothing like him emerges through this rift."

According Nathaniel Ambrose, Red Robed Wizard and the official spokesman of the Council, the taskforce is comprised of one representative from each organization on the Council lead by Drastin.

"We attempted to contact the sorcerer Winston Walden and secure the use of the artifacts he discovered in the City of Lost Names, but discovered he had been murdered several months ago. With the loss of the artifacts we have no way of knowing if any of those we send through the rift will be capable of returning to this timeline. We on this side will monitor the rift and attempt everything in our power to keep it open for as long as we can."

Those going into the rift know that they might not be able to return as Leetah Calder, who is representing the Order of Red Robes on the Taskforce told the Herald.

"It is exciting to be one of those chosen to visit another timeline, even if we might not ever be able to come home. I and the others on the taskforce are ambassadors of our timeline as much as we are explorers of the other timeline, so even if we can't come back we can still spread the word of our respective orders maybe bringing a new perspective to those in the other timeline."

There is a danger that as the taskforce crosses over to the other timeline something sinister could emerge onto this side of the rift. The Council has a protocol in place for such an occurrence.

"If something sinister comes through the rift after we leave, then Ambrose and the rest of the Council will slam the door on the rift," said Drastin. "Yes, it means we will be trapped on the other side, but at least it will mean nothing else can come through."

According to Ambrose, the taskforce entered the rifts shortly after First Watch. "Thus far, there has been no contact with the taskforce, but neither has anything come through the rift," said Ambrose.