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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour falling 13
The Palanthas Herald

Trade Caravan Attacked by Undead

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Fleurgreen 21, 421 AC

Abanasinia - A trade caravan traveling from Haven to Solace attacked by undead, is saved by a cleric with a familiar name.

This past Kirinor a trade caravan taking goods from Haven to the markets of Solace encountered another temporal anomaly. The caravan master, Radec Boktur, had hired ten capable guards to escort his three heavily laden wagons to Solace, but when attacked by a small horde of undead, estimated to be more than fifty in number, they found themselves severely tested.

"It was a quiet morning, too quiet," said Radec Boktur. "The early morning fog had lingered in the still air. No leaves rustled, no birds chirped. We were all on edge expecting to be attacked by Samuval's bandits, so when we saw figures emerging from the mist we let loose arrows before we realised that these were no ordinary bandits. Then the smell hit us, the horrid reek of rotting flesh. These things shambling towards us were zombies and skeletons, but worse followed - flesh eating ghouls. I was about to issue the order to abandon the wagons when I spotted the stranger."

"He was a strange sight," said Amber Kodu caravan guard. "He was seemingly a frail old man in white robes riding a pure white donkey. His face was lined with wrinkles and what little was left of his stringy hair was snow white and dangled to his shoulders. His eyes though were what struck me most, with their wisdom, kindness and joy. This old gent really enjoyed living. We laid into the walking dead with our weapons, hoping to survive. Things were getting really desperate when the old man and his donkey finally caught up. He pulled out his holy symbol of Paladine, held it up and spoke a soft phrase. Radiant light poured from Paladine's symbol and the undead, all of them, collapsed into piles of dust. We tried to thank him, but the old cleric held up his hand, silencing us."

"I know you're here Verminaard! I can sense your vileness," the witnesses say the old cleric called into the mists. "I was there when you were buried in that cesspit, after we killed you. How on Krynn did you get out?"

With a roar of rage another undead burst from the mists, this one a lich. The lich, Verminaard, called on Chemosh, while the old cleric countered with prayers to Paladine. Light and dark energies flashed and flickered as the two divine warriors battled, but in the end the powers Paladine wielded by the old cleric triumphed, the lich bursting into white flame.

"We thanked him and asked if he wished to travel with us the rest of the way to Solace," said Amber Kodu. "But he declined saying he really shouldn't here, that he just need to stop the lich." Before he rode away the caravan guard asked the old man his name and got the following reply.

"I am Eben Shatterstone, High Priest of Paladine."