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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Waking Hour rising 21
The Palanthas Herald

War of the Mages!

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Fleurgreen 19, 421 AC

Ansalon - The Wizards of High Sorcery have declared war on the Sorcerers of Ansalon.

Over the past month, across the entire continent, sorcerers - those mages, who channel primal sorcery, have been turning up dead. More still have disappeared, leaving family and friends fearing the worst.

"At first we had no idea we were being targeted," said Lyim Rhistadt, arguably the most powerful sorcerer alive today. "There is no central authority for sorcerers, a few small independent schools scattered around. The closest thing we have is the academy, but that never really took off." The Academy of Sorcery was built by Dunbar Mastermate, Head of the White Robes as a place that could be to sorcerers, what Wayreth is to wizards. Mastermate had hoped this gesture would forestall open warfare between the two different sorts of mages. "We learn to tap into magic differently than wizards," continued Rhistadt. "Occasionally a talented individual stumbles onto it himself, but mostly it is a one on one relationship between a master and his apprentice."

The Herald approached the Orders of High Sorcery to ask if they were being likewise targeted, only to be informed by Dalamar the Dark, the black robe who is the orders representative in Palanthas, that the wizards had officially declared war on the sorcerers of Ansalon. The dark elf provided the following brief statement from Justarius Head of the Conclave.

"Our orders were founded to protect the world from the raw, destructive power that is primal sorcery. Simply put, we can not and we will not allow these uneducated, undisciplined aberrations to continue putting our world at risk, by manipulating these dangerous energies. We will hunt down each and every one. Any who give aid or shelter to sorcerers will be considered an enemy and treated accordingly."

In an effort to clarify what this conflict is all about the Herald turned to the Library of Palanthas. According to records unearthed within the very first mages wielded primal sorcery, the power of the raw magic of creation. When they used it to defeat Takhisis's dragons in the First Dragon War, they lost control, causing as much damage and destruction as the dragons had. To prevent another such catastrophe, the three moons, taught the mages wizardry, which is the manipulation of magical energies the three Gods of magic have purified. Over many years, the power of primal sorcery waned and eventually disappeared, - until the War of the Lance was drawing to a close. After the recovery of the metallic dragon's eggs, the Dragonarmies grew desperate for reinforcements, so a plan was concocted to tap into the power within the Graygem to mutate prisoners into useable troops, but something went wrong the chaos energy within saturating Krynn before the Graygem disappeared once more. This accident reinvigorated Primal Sorcery, enabling sorcerers to become almost as numerous as wizards over the last twenty years.

"If the wizards want a fight," said Rhistadt. "We're just the people to give them one."