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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Duel to the Death on Haven's Streets

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Fleurgreen 13, 421 AC

Abanasinia - A Knight of Solamnia faced her criminal father in a duel on the streets of Haven.

Another hole in time was revealed this past *Wednesday* when just as the sun was setting, a knight of Solamnia confronted a cloaked man on the streets of Haven. After a brief exchange of heated words, the man dropped his cloak, drew his sword and attacked the knight.

"He was a vicious old sod," said Franc Neillors of the Haven guard. "Every dirty trick there is, he tried. He was an excellent swordsman, but the lady knight was just as good. She turned back each and every attack, anticipating all of them, almost as if she could read his mind. Her familiarity with his sword fighting style was explained when she called him father."

"Surrender father," the witnesses say she said, while giving him enough time to catch his breath. "I have no wish to slay you, but I will not allow your villainy to continue unabated. Too many good and innocent people are dead because various treacheries, knights, women and even children. For the honor of our family, for the law, for plain simple justice, I must and I will stop you."

The members of the guard closed in on the dueling pair to protect the crowd and to assist the knight in ending the confrontation if necessary.

"Fool, your no daughter of mine," the man was heard to say. "Your mother must've bedded another, the faithless whore. May the children you spawn with your fiancé, Sturm Brightblade plague your heart out like you have mine." Seeing he was surrounded, the grey haired Solamnian in his desperation made a grab for a small child, probably hoping to use her to barter for his freedom, but his daughter was faster. As he lay dying in his daughters arms, the man cursed her and spitting in her face, before finally breathing his last.

"I forgive you father," the knight said, as she closed his staring eyes. When asked her name the knight replied, "I am Kitiara uth Matar, Knight of the Rose." Lady Kitiara was last seen