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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Kagonesti Oracle Delivers Dire Warning

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Fleurgreen 31, 422 AC

Kalaman – A Kagonesti Oracle of Zivilyn today delivered a dire warning to the world.

Riverwatcher, a Kagonesti Alluvial Oracle of Zivilyn and the founder of the Temple of the World Tree in Kalaman today addressed a gathering of representatives from the Orders of High Sorcery, the Legion of Steel, and from various Holy Orders. The topic of discussion was the increase in the temporal anomalies over the last several months.

"Over the last several months I and others in this gathering have sensed an increase in the disruptions of the River of Time. Lately the disruptions have grown in magnitude to the point that we can no longer ignore them. I sense the energies of the fallen Dark Queen are behind these occurrences.

Riverwatcher was the first to discover the temporal anomalies. He reported the phenomena nearly nine months ago, but his warnings were not heeded.

"Our indecision has cost us valuable time," Riverwatcher told those assembled. "By sitting back and allowing events to unfold, we have only allowed this crisis to grow. Hopefully it is not beyond our means to resolve it."

The representatives discussed several options for dealing with the issue, but it was Nathaniel Ambrose, the representative for the Order of Red Robes that hit on a plan.

"Nearly two months ago a sorcerer by the name of Winston Walden made a discovery in the City of Lost Names," said Ambrose. "He claimed to have found several mysterious artifacts that would allow one to traverse dimensions. Despite the best efforts of the Conclave we have been unable to persuade him to share his findings. I suggest we seek out this sorcerer, and convince him by any means necessary to share his discoveries with us. It is my belief that he holds the key to solving this crisis."

According to witnesses the representatives each agreed to send one member of their respective delegations to seek out Walden and garner his assistance.

"I only hope this works," said Ambrose, "if not we're in real trouble."

"No, that is but one path to the conclusion," responded Riverwatcher. "There are other forces at work also seeking a resolution to the turbulence in the River. It will take all forces working together to resolve this Crisis on Infinite Krynns."