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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

The Return of a Legend

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Fleurgreen 4, 421 AC

Solamnia - A legion of Solamnic Knights traveling to Palanthas was attacked by dragons, only to be saved by a silver dragon and his white robed mage bearing a familiar name.

A legion of Solamnic knights returning home to Palanthas after a long mission in the south, was attack suddenly by three large red dragons.

"They burst from the clouds with unbelievable speed," Sir Dylan Ironshield, Knight of the Sword and commander of the force told the Herald. "They each roared their fury, a sound that still echoes in our nightmares. Few of us had felt dragon fear before, veteran knights who had stood stalwart and true in the face of hordes of goblins turned into whimpering infants unable to hold their seats, let alone their weapons. Most of my men scattered in all directions. They swooped down on us mouths gaping, I'll swear by 'Jolith's horns that I thought we were all going to be naught, but little piles of ash. Thankfully, the white robe and the silver arrived."

A vicious aerial duel ensued, though outsized and outnumbered by the reds, the wizard and his silver fought with confidence and skill. Lightning summoned by the wizard crackled down from clouds, hellish fire streamed from the reds to be met with icy frost roared from the mouth of the silver. The battle ended when more lightening summoned by the wizard blasted apart the skull of one of the reds, the other two immediately turning tail.

"The wizard and his mount landed and I rode forward to thank them for their valiant deeds," continued Sir Ironshield. "The white robe was a hale and hearty man, sporting the traditional moustache of a Solamnic knight. I believe he would've made a fine knight had his life's path led him to the blade instead of the spell. The silver was simply the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. When the mage asked what we were, I was stunned. My response, that we were Knights of Solamnia, seemed to please him. "Good," he said "I'm glad to see our king has finally gotten of his fat arse and organised some troops, we need all the help we can get if we are to kick Takhisis back to the Abyss. I hope Sir Knight that all of you of this new knighthood can fight because we are facing overwhelming odds.""

"It was then that the dragon finally spoke, "Come Huma," she said. "Magius will have gathered the elven knights of King Nethas by now. Thousands of Windriders await, they'll need your magics in the coming attack, these humans can join us later." to which the mage nodded and said "Coming Gwyneth, my true Heart.""

"Before they left I couldn't resist asking if they had a dragonlance, as I had always wished to see one. His response shocked me more than anything else that happened that day. "What is a dragonlance?" Huma asked."

The dragon and wizard were last seen flying to the southeast.