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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Darkwatch Hour falling 25
The Palanthas Herald

Vampiric Goldmoon Spotted Outside Schallsea

by Jake, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Fleurgreen 4, 421 AC

Schallsea - Goldmoon, the Hero of the Lance who brought word of the true gods back and founded the Citadel of Light, was spotted during the night last Palast riding a skeletal dragon.

Cassandra Renay, Co-administrator of the Citadel of Light, saw Goldmoon herself. "She looked awful," Renay said. "She looked like she did after the storm when her youth was restored, she was young, beautiful, and yet awful. She had prominent fangs that gave her a feral look. Her skin was pale, like she hadn't seen the sun in years. The dragon she rode was only bones with skin stretched taut over its wings, but two pinpricks of red light burned in its eyes."

A scribe, Markel Berdeted, saw and heard the whole thing. "I've worked here for many years, and I remember Goldmoon well. This was Goldmoon, and yet it was most certainly not Goldmoon. This...thing is not the Goldmoon we all know." Berdeted said. "As she flew up she shouted the oddest words. I've been able to remember things very well and I don't think I will ever forget these, she said, 'I know not what goes on here, but this location and all surroundings lands are mine, conquered in the name of Chemosh. He has clamed the Dragon's Graveyard as His own, and with that added power, not even your puny gods will be able to defeat him. You have a week before I return here, with my undead horde, and conquer this land again, and I will raise all bodies in my wake as thralls of Chemosh'. Then she flew off, towards the New Sea to the south I believe."

This wasn't the last sighting of the dragon however. Edgert Gerit saw the mysterious dragon and rider shortly after. "Out by me boat, I was. Doing a little fishin' by the moonlight, ye see. Then, like somethin' outta the Abyss itself the thing dove down the water. I never saw it come up, neither."

Jemtal Oermann, the other Co-administrator, supposedly sent out word calling powerful clerics and mystics back to the Citadel in preparation for the possible undead attack, although he was to busy too comment.

In Your Campaign:

If your PC's are in the area of the Citadel of Light they could be hired to scout out the waters near where the vampiric Goldmoon was spotted diving under. The clerics and mystics could possibly give them items to help them breathe underwater or they could be hired because they already possess such abilities. Is it possible that there truly is an undead army hidden under the waves or was it all just a deception of the vampire? The PC's will probably be advised to scout and not interfere, because even if there is no army an undead dragon and a vampiric Goldmoon will certainly not be an easy adversary.