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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

The Lightbringer Assassinated

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Fleurgreen 4, 421 AC

Istar - In retaliation for the destruction of two of their Towers, the Orders of High Sorcery have assassinated the Lightbringer in his very own Temple.

Ansalon's salvation, Beldinas Pilofiro the Lightbringer, most righteous Kingpriest of Istar has been assassinated, foully murdered by the perfidious wretches of wizardry. The Divine One was in delivering the sunset sermon to the gathered faithful, explaining why the gods had granted the noble Divine Hammer victory at Losarcum and Daltigoth and why the souls of those innocents who unfortunately sacrificed their all in those terrible battles would not rest easily until all who used magic were dead, when a large portal materialized within the audience chamber. A small horde of monsters, two wyverns, four stone skinned gargoyles and a scaled monstrosity the sages call a hatori, emerged from the magical doorway, followed by a band of around twenty robed wizards. Witnesses say that the wizards were led Leciane do Cirica, former envoy of the Orders to the Kingpriest's Court.

"Brother Beldyn I bring you the justice of the Gods!" Witnesses say the red robed harridan dared to blasphemously shriek at the blessed. "For the innocents of Losarcum and Daltigoth! For Vincil da Jevra! For all the wizards you have unjustly murdered!"

"The archers that lined the walls all fired their crossbows managing to fell several wizards and one of the wyverns," said Aaron Coonus, Knight of the Divine Hammer. "Calling forth fire and ice, lightening and wind, the heathen magicians and their unclean beasts charged forth to end the life of the Chosen of the Gods, but they had underestimated our bravery and skill. We, the knight champions of the Lightbringer rallied, and then charged unflinchingly into the jaws of death. We landed blow after blow, and it began to appear that good had once more triumphed, until they surrounded themselves in a searing ring of fire."

Six of the seven surviving wizards joined hands around Leciane, chanting in their fiendish tongue. The circle of wizards dissolved into columns of light, white, red and black which then flowed into the remaining form of the now glowing Leciane.

"Come embrace the justice of the gods," Leciane was heard to say, as she strode towards the Kingpriest her arms spread wide. Her body was now glowing with an unholy light that equaled the Lightbringer's holiness. Crossbow bolts that struck her just disintegrated into ash, knights that connected with their weapons simply melted, nothing that anybody did could stop the witch's progress. Bravely the Lightbringer stood his ground, but he was no match for dark terrible magic. The blazing bright fiend that had once been Leciane wrapped its arms around the Kingpriest, the two then disappearing in a burst that reportedly rivaled the sun. As the light disappeared, two words in Leciane's voice were said to have echoed softly throughout the chamber.

"For Cathan."