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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Rune-Carved Man Rescued Near Mount Ashkir

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Yurthgreen 20, 421 AC

Sanction - On Kirinor a man covered in red runes was found wandering down the slopes of Mt. Ashkir, one of three volcanoes collectively known as the Lords of Doom. According to the men who rescued him, the man was delirious, speaking in a strange tongue. He wore no clothes but carried a flaming halberd.

The man was brought to the city barracks where he is currently being held under observation. He has been identified by city officials as Nimar Firesleet, a lieutenant in the Red Dragonarmy during the War of the Lance. Nimar Firesleet was thought to have been killed in an aerial battle against Whitestone forces when his red dragon mount exploded in midair and his recent reappearance near the site where he died worries many.

"Naturally we're concerned about this. The man's dead. Or he should be," said constable Nicolas of the Sanction Guard. "But Trestan, one of the mages who sometimes help us, made a positive identification of the man. I'm telling you, in my 20 years here I've never seen anything like it. Red runes covered every inch of his body and an intense heat emanated from him. And those eyes! It's like they were carved out of lava from the Abyss itself!"

According to constable Nicolas, several of his colleagues have been injured by the former Dragonarmy officer, one critically. Several guards burst into flames spontaneously and would have died, were it not for the quick aid of their fellow guardsmen. However, Nicolas also explained that Nimar Firesleet never actively attacked the guards or made any indication that he wanted to hurt them.

"Nope. The man hasn't spoken to us since we found him. He keeps mumbling strange words that none of us have ever heard but his body language suggests that he doesn't even know we're there. Trestan says the words are Church Istaran, whatever that is. I'm sure he's causing the injuries, though. What else could it be?"

According to Trestan Rael, the mage who examined Nimar Firesleet, the re-emergence of the former Dragonarmy lieutenant is not an isolated incidence.

"Some weeks ago I received reports that a person had been found near Ak-Khurman. This person, a former Dragonarmy officer like Nimar, was covered in green runes. And just last week, a colleague of mine told me that a man had been found in Tarsis. Aye, you guessed it. This time it was white runes. It seems that all three were killed in battles in which dragons were killed by some kind of powerful magic."