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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch falling 14
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Tarsis in Flames!

by Sticko, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Yurthgreen 20, 421 AC

Tarsis - Citizens awoke this week to the news that Sir Erik had stepped across the border effectively declaring war on Tarsis.

Rumors say that Sir Erik Longblade Knight of the Skull was the first to step across the border in the dawn hours at the head of three hundred men. This caught the knight council of Tarsis completely off guard, as they had only just put out the levies to raise 11 Talons of men the day before. The only unit that stood in the renegades' way was freshly raised Talon who fled at the first sight of Sir Erik's knights and plainsmen cavalry nearly 500 raw troops were killed or captured before midday on the first day of the invasion.

The Knight council of Tarsis held an emergency session to discus a new course of action with only 2 Talons or trained troops in defense of the city runners were sent to all the other commanders to march straight to the Capital it was decided that trying to fight sir Erik's veterans in the field would only lead to more casualties if they were to throw other newly raised Talons into the frey.

The city its self is in a state of panic as it braces itself for the impact of the renegade assault. However reports say that large pro Sir Erik riots have already begun, with several noble manors being attacked by mobs of commoners.

The Tarsis nobles currently are bidding the council to send out the dragon flight to deal with Sir Erik as Sir Nolan Breeze Knight of the Lily suggests. But the council has appointed Sir Harrop Knight of the Lily as the commander of the field and he has not yet put forward a plan of action though he is believed to favor a defensive approach to the situation.

The indecisiveness of the Knights of Neraka leadership has formed rifts in the council and nobility and it is reported that Sir Nolan stormed out of the meeting followed by his closest supporters.