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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Ashaynnth Sinks Ex-Ambassador's Ship

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Yurthgreen 13, 421 AC

Kalaman - The minotaur war galley the Blood Shark, the ship carrying the former minotaur ambassador Santhia de Droka has been attacked and sunk by elven pirate vessel Ashaynnth.

The Tarsian merchantman the Winsome Dove arrived at the cities docks late Bakukal afternoon carrying the survivors of the attack. The Dove returning from Karthay had encountered the scattered wreckage two days previous and managed to rescue eleven survivors.

"Tis not orf'en we're called to rescue bullman," said Captain Squall of the Dove. "The Sea Queen, she holds dem in the palm o' her 'and - outta respect for her paps, the mino's God Sargas. We scoured the waters and found eleven o' them listening to the queens song. Four answered her siren call 'fore we could make port and find help. We gave their bodies back to Her embrace, hopin' she'd look mercifully on their souls sacrifice and not hinder dem on theirs final voyage."

Although, the Ashaynnth a well known elven pirate ship, appeared out of crystal blue skies only a mile away from them, the crew of the Shark didn't at first realize the danger they faced.

"Captain Panak just ordered the men on lookout be whipped," said Frazz Redeye, bosun of The Shark. "He was thinking they was drunk on duty. He was wrong. That damned pirate is small; Panak didn't think they'd attack, especially since there was this minotaur aboard, standing right behind the figurehead, not even holding on as they rode the waves. As they got closer we could hear him singing a hymn to Kiri-Jolith and although his had slight differences, it was one we recognized from his temples. We stopped to listen, including the Captain, his accent was strange, but his voice was strong, pure. Then finally we noticed them cursed elves scurrying about."

"They rammed us," said Jemilia ohn Malhan, Lady Santhia's maid. "We tried to turn, but the elven ship was too fast. They were obviously using magic. The impact was horrendous everybody and went flying. Very few of us were left alive after their swordsmen, mages and archers went to work, just mainly those near Lady Santhia, - they wanted her alive. Some wounded like Bosun Redeye and myself, managed to hide. Captain Kingfisher and that strange minotaur they called Elygar called for us to surrender."

"When Lady Santhia refused, Elygar challenged the survivors to a duel. If he defeated our chosen champion we'd surrender immediately and if he lost, the elves would free us unharmed. Panak accepted the challenge, but the fight was brief. Elygar soon split the Captain with a shining silver great axe. Lady Santhia asked this Elygar how he could do war upon his own people, in reply he asked her how his people could conquer and slaughter innocent elves and still believe they've honor."

The elves abandoned the sinking ship with Lady Santhia as their prisoner. Jemilia and Redeye used the confusing final moments of the Shark, to float away on some wreckage; escaping the elves notice.