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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Liberation Day Games

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Yurthgreen 13, 421 AC

Ambeon – On Misham the minotaurs of the colony of Ambeon celebrated their traditional holiday of Liberation Day with a series of grand gladiatorial games within the capital of Sargasanti.

The day's festivities began at daybreak, when the most promising children of the city performed a pantomime through its streets. "As you can see," said Bors es Valen, a sergeant of the Wyvern Legion. "Most of the youths are dressed in costumes and masks meant to depict them as members of the races that at varying times have enslaved our race. The remaining few are dressed as our greatest warriors, both past and present. Our champions mock-battle the cruel, cowardly humans, dwarves, and ogres; eventually chasing them into Akkas Ker'zenge, the people following along behind."

Akkas Ker'zenge is the gladiatorial arena of Sargasanti, meaning "Destiny's Honor" in common. Being built in the grand style of the arena's found in their Empire, Akkas Ker'zenge is a work in progress. "The spectator stands at present are constructed of wood," said Sergeant Valen. "Though, of course, there are plans for the traditional stone. The contest area, the prisoner pens and the specimen cages are fully completed and functional."

Once inside Akkas Ker'zenge, the youths were lowered down out of sight, to the thunderous applause of the audience. What followed was a series of contests where minotaurs were pitted against various foes in armed combat. Most of these non-minotaurs were either prisoners of war or slaves bought from the Tarmak or the Dark Knights.

"It's Sargas's will that no minotaur fight another in our arena's on this day," said Sergeant Valen. "We fight humans, dwarves and ogres in remembrance of our enslavements a reminder to us - and a warning to all other races to demonstrate that we will never again wear the chains of another race." When asked why they also faced elves, Sergeant Valen replied with the following. "That is nothing, just the every day justice of Ambeon being rendered; those elves are criminal rabble convicted of various crimes against their lawful rulers."

Over the course of the day long celebrations, thirteen dwarves, twenty-one ogres, eighteen humans and thirty-seven elves were killed in the Liberation Day games. Only two contests marred the minotaurs enjoyment of the day. The first was when a promising young minotaur gladiator underestimated the strength of an ogre impaled on the end of his clabbard and had his head literally ripped apart when the dying creature grabbed his horns before finally succumbing to it's wounds. The second was the stubborn refusal of an elf, reputedly a militant kirath, to die. She killed the first warrior she faced and seriously wounded several others, despite being armed only with a simple staff. She fell finally when faced with three of the minotaur gladiators. Despite these two casualties, the event was considered a resounding success.