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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
First Watch falling 26
The Palanthas Herald

Minotaur Ambassador Recalled

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 7, 421 AC

Palanthas - Minotaur Ambassador, Santhia de Droka was recalled home after the revelation of an embarrassing political blunder.

After intensive questioning by the Palanthas guard, Mortimer Resnic aka "Bloody Bill" revealed that Santhia de Droka was responsible for hiring him to assassinate the elven ambassador Anthea Soulsong. "Apparently she was highly insulted by comments made by Ambassdor Soulsong to the Herald, "said Morris Sheppard of the Guard, "and in her enraged state foolishly approached Resnic to assassinate the good Ambassador."

An official protest from the Imperial Crown was lodged with the Minotaur Empire, resulting in the immediate recall of Santhia de Droka by Emperor Faros. Inside sources say that Emperor Markham was furious that one ambassador under his protection, attempted to murder another and the Knights of Solamnia have been issued orders to provide escorts for all individuals of ambassadorial rank. Whether or not this order is to be permanent procedure or just temporary, is as yet unclear.

"My only true crime was hiring an amateur to do the job, instead of a professional," said the unrepentant Santhia de Droka. "I did nothing but defend the honor of my people. If I had let that wretched elf's insults stand unchallenged, then I would have been less than a gully dwarf. Humans like minotaur, know what it is like to face elven aggression, to fight for their races very survival. When one day the Minotaur Empire wipes the last elf from the face of Krynn, all races, including humans, will thank us."

Santhis de Droka departed Palast on the morning tide, aboard the minotaur war galley The Blood Shark bound for Nethosak.