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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Unrest in Tarsis

by Sticko, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 7, 421 AC

Tarsis - Reports of civil unrest have reached our great city this week. After several trade caravans have been attacked on the south road.

Sir Falcrum, a Tarsis nobleman, had one of his silk shipments headed to the port of Rigitt when it was set upon by cloaked figures that slew the Dark Knight guards and captured the Knight of the Lily in charge or the caravan's defense. However strangely they didn't harm any non-combatants and let the three citizens and five slaves return to Tarsis with any person effects they had on them.

So far there has been no ransom for the captured knight and the Dark Knights have not issued his name as of yet.

These problems have been linked to sightings of a Knight of the Skull Sir Erik Longblade who claims to be a Dark Knight Marshal arriving in the region. Sir Erik was fanatical follower of Mina who he claims converted him from the Solamnic knights during the War of Souls.

Sir Erik's reported rank is Talon Leader of a small force of Dark Knights. This same force was one of the Dark Knight forces that the Solamnic forces expelled from Northern Solamnia during the liberation of Palanthas. The Knights of Neraka council ordered all surviving forces to return to Neraka and it was believed that Sir Erik and his Talon had deserted like so many others. Their had been many rumors of Sir Erik around Ansalon but the Dark Knight agents could not confirm any of theses sightings until now.

Sir Erik's force was said to have emerged from Ice wall Glacier and is now camped only a few miles from the southern border. Tarsis noble men have called for the Dark Knight forces to take action on the small army though it is unclear there intentions and scouts report seeing the standard of the Knights of Neraka flying high over the camp.

Sir Nolan Breeze Knight of the Lilly made this comment when asked about what the knighthood intended to do about the small army "What do we intend to do? What does he intend to do? He has one Talon; Tarsis can raise fifteen."

Despite this attitude, a diplomatic envoy have been sent to speak with Sir Erik.

It is still unclear if the attacks are from bandits who are seizing opportunities due to the current situation or if Sir Erik's own men are making raids on Tarsis power players.