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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Dragon Sage Visits Caergoth

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 9, 421 AC

Caergoth - A famous dragon expert, Tobias au'Rearsann journeyed to Caergoth this week. His visit was at the request of the Kingfisher Raelene Uth Nuelan in response to comatose dragonblood victims.

Two weeks ago seven individuals were splattered with the blood of a red dragon who fought a silver above the city, these individuals were promptly cured of the burns they received, but fell into comas from which none could wake them even with arcane and divine aid. Tobias au'Rearsann, a scholarly old half-elf with penetrating green eyes examined the stricken victims for well over an hour before conferring with city officials.

"Thanks to the great knowledge of the dragonsage Tobias au'Rearsann, we now have several theories as to what is happening to the injured individuals," said Raelene uth Nuelan. "We are expending all energies possible in an effort to cure them." When asked how serious their condition was, if they were likely to survive, she replied with the following. "Their condition is very grave indeed, but it is infinitely better now thanks to au'Rearsann's assistance."

When asked what his theories were au'Rearsann, refused to elaborate saying, "Raelene and I need to do further research and communicate with colleagues before we can make a definitive diagnosis. So please be patient we are doing all we can as fast as we can." In related news many individuals who live near the fountain of Tierney the Compassionate which was partially melted by the blood of the red dragon have complained of having nightmares prominently featuring the marble artifact.

"Tis chillin', ol' Tierney wrenches hisself free," said Sienna Dradel a local seamstress. "And 'e walks the streets with burning feet, calling out a name I've ne'er 'eard before, but tis me own name. 'e finds me and begins to serenade me. Hauntin' it is, beautiful, yet terrifyin'. I's 'fraid to go to sleep anymores, for he brings the flamin' kiss o' death."

The seamstress' story is remarkably similar to all the others. The number of knights guarding the ruined and barricaded fountain have been increased.