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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 12
The Palanthas Herald

Peace Talks Disrupted by Terror Attack

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 2, 421 AC

Sanction – Peace Talks between the Academy of the Dragon Mage and the Orders of High Sorcery were disrupted on Linaras by a terrorist attack.

The conference nearly two months in the making was the result of hard work by Sanction's Governor, Lord Hogan Bight in bringing together the two warring parties.

"It was difficult even getting these two parties to even agree to come to the table," said Lord Bight. "The sorcerers associated with the Academy of the Dragon Mage were leery about dealing with the wizards after the assault on their home. The Orders of High Sorcery we're reluctant to meet, expecting treachery on the part of the sorcerers. I thought I was going have to send Crucible to drag the parties to the peace table."

According to those in attendance at the conference, the terrorist attack occurred shortly after the opening ceremonies. Several figures in dark purple robes then entered through the hole in the roof and began laying into those assembled with drawn wands.

Aerista Starweaver, 23, formerly of Haven told the Herald, "Governor Bight didn't even finish his speech about coming together in unity. Next thing I know the ceiling caved in on the meeting hall. We're it not for the quick thinking of Argent Savant I met named Decebal I'd have been crushed under tons of rock. He conjured a wall of force above me that shunted the rock. Who'd have thought I'd end up owing my life to a wizard. I got the chance to return the favor though when one of those purple- robed bastards tried taking a shot at Decebal when his back was turned. I shot a dart of light at the assailant and he dissolved into purple smoke."

Several other attendees reported experiencing the same thing when their attacks struck those in purple robes; those struck dissolved into purple smoke. They also report a figure in black robes watching the scene from the rooftop.

"This attack was eerily reminiscent of tales I've heard about Andras Rannoch," said Zaladane Sandsworth, the red robed wizard representing Lady Jenna at the peace talks. "Rannoch disrupted peace talks between the Orders and the Kingpriest causing the Lost Battles. I'm pretty sure the renegade Matthias Iscariot was behind this attack, perhaps hoping to escalate things between the Academy of the Dragon Mage and the Orders of High Sorcery. All he did though was bring the two of us together. I'm ready to sign the peace agreement with the Academy."

There were injuries on both sides, but fortunately no one was seriously hurt. Citadel Mystics attempting to reclaim the Temple of the Heart examined those injured and healed those requiring it.

Despite the attack, the peace talks continued and resulted in a peace treaty between the Orders of High Sorcery and the Academy of the Dragon Mage.

Damage to the Governor's Mansion is estimated to be approximately 7,500 Steel Dragons.