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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Waking Hour falling 18
The Palanthas Herald

Who is Shayd the Assassin?

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 2, 421 AC

Tarsis -After the death of Nikos Katirtzos a young Thorn knight in Tarsis by the mysterious assassin known only as Shayd last week, the family of the slain knight has been asking the question, "Who is Shayd?"

Lazarus Katirtzos, Nikos's older brother a tradesman, has been very free with the wealth of his dead brother spreading it freely around the city in an effort to discover the truth of the individual known as Shayd. Lazarus and some hired toughs destroyed much of the tavern known as The Rose and the Thorn the establishment where the assassin is known to have met Nikos Katirtzos's wife Helena.

"Theys comes in 'ere Lazarus and his bullyboys and just tossed all me customers out, most before theys evens paid," said Shayne Liddell, proprietor of The Rose and the Thorn tavern. "Then theys bust ups me furniture and theys hadn't evens asked anys questions yet! Not that I's would've, The Rose and Thorns known for beings a goods place for privacy, - I's get alots ofs business that's way."

The Tarsis city guard arrived in time to prevent Lazarus Katirtzos from burning the tavern down, but under instruction from the Dark knights they were unable to arrest him as long as he was prepared to pay for all damages.

The Herald has only been able to uncover vague hints about the assassin. Male, nonhuman, nonelf, nondwarf possibly a hobgoblin or a half-ogre, but also rumoured by some to be a draconian. An expert at remaining anonymous Shayd is credited for many assassinations including those notables as Lord Zachery Byron a gem merchant of Solanthus who was suspected by many to be spy for Ergoth. Captain Ronna de Orilg the notorious female minotaur ship captain more commonly known as Blood Lily who many elves accused of genocide during the fall of Silvanesti. Sula Silvaers, high priestess in charge of Shinare's lavish temples in Khur. In total Shayd is known to be responsible for at least thirteen deaths and he is probably responsible for many more.