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Bakali Trade with Inglewood

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 17, 421 AC

Inglewood - Inglewood, a small town in Abanasinia on the edge of the swamp created by the Dragonlord Onyxsablet, is fast becoming known as peaceful trading post with the Bakali.

Inglewood, was a small nowhere town with less than fifty people, a place where farmers took their produce to be sold to merchants who would then transport it to larger towns. With the arrival of the great black and the creation of the swamp, the villagers walled Inglewood, an earthen rampart topped by a wooden palisade. Monsters, freakish creations of Sable were a constant threat to the small village, but the diminutive size and remote location enabled it survive.

"In the years since the death of Sable," said Pyihr Ramdir, lead guildsman and town spokesperson. "The artificial swamp has started to revert and the Bakali who formerly served the dragon have found it difficult to find the food and other necessities we all need to live. Some of the more warlike lizardmen have begun to raid the surrounding communities, but thankfully they aren't all like that. The tribe, who call themselves the Smokyscales, approached us a while back wanting to trade. We were suspicious and at first refused, but after they showed us the extent of the goods they could supply we relented; everything from crocodile skin to scales shed by the black nightmare herself."

The population of Inglewood has increased manifold; merchants eager for the goods, craftsmen to work the raw materials, men to guard the towns new found wealth and even wizards after exotic components for their spellcraft.

"I ne'er thought I'd be workin' wit dose scaled folk," said Poul Yvos, Inglewoods premiere leather craftsman. "I fought dem durin' de days d'ey obeyed Sable. Now 'ere we are making nice and all. And what's more d'ey ain't all dat bad, they smell a little, but 'dey says the same 'bout us. Once youse gets used ta da lispin' deys really quite friendly like."