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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

The Orb of Eldur

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 10, 421 AC

Palanthas -This past week Palanthian officials released more information about the orb the Lich necromancer Jhelaun used during last week's assault.

"We had kept the information about this evil artifact a secret," said Wilfred Brahm, noted sage. "As it was an obvious weakness of Jhelaun's that we could exploit. When Kristoph Brandon and his kender friends discovered the lich's lair they also learned he possessed the Orb of Eldur. After an exhaustive search utilizing many sources, including the Library and the resources of Kingfishers, we managed to put together what we believe to be a fairly complete story of the origin of this unique magical artifact."

The story begins in the heyday of the dwarven stronghold that lies beneath Palanthas. Eldur was the youngest son of a powerful family of master craftsmen, his own talent lay with the arcane rather than with the hammer and forge and when he was discovered practicing black rites he was exiled. Eldur took refuge in Ergoth as a mage for hire and plotted his revenge. Years went by as Eldur honed his skills, but eventually he made his move. The dwarven wizard's powers allowed him to infiltrate his former home and slay his eldest brother Tormac, who was now the patriarch of the clan. Eldur chained Tormac's spirit to his body for he had need of his brother's smithing skills.

In the forge Eldur assembled burned a dark sinister flame the mage retrieved from Abyss itself. A chunk of crystalline obsidian, that legend says Eldur retrieved from Nuiitari the hidden black moon of the evil wizards was heated in the infernal flame. Eldur forced his dead brother to forge the rock, the dark mage's power keeping the hammer blows from sundering the brittle rock. Unfortunately for the evil wizard, he spent so much effort on keeping the obsidian intact that his brother Tormac was able break free from his control. Tormac slew the Eldur with a mighty blow of his hammer, unfortunately this triggered the release of Tormac's spirit before the dwarf could destroy the now completed sphere.

"The kender nightstalker and revered elder, Saige Tombstone, recognized what it could do," said Wilfred Brahm. "Even though he didn't know what exactly it was. Tombstone knew it had the ability to amplify and refine necromantic powers and he believed he could sever the connection between the artifact and master. Artifacts as powerful as the orb are difficult to destroy though he warned us, so it is possible that it survived last week's confrontation. If anyone discovers it, do not touch it. Notify the City Guard immediately and we will contact the Kingfishers to deal with it."

The Orb of Eldur is a smooth black quartz type rock, that can sit comfortably in a humans cupped palm and it emits a seedy purple glow.