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Misham, 17th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Cleric of Shinare Arbitrates Over Citadel of Light Marriage Dispute

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 17, 421 AC

Schallsea - After reports of Jemtal Oermann's alleged polygamy surfaced, both parties have finally agreed to seek a third party arbiter to determine whether Jemtal Oermann's marriage to Cassandra Renay is legal, or whether he is still legally married to his first wife, Beriart Oermann. Both parties have agreed that only a cleric of Shinare can make the determination.

Barish Demal was dispatched from Palanthas to review the case. According to witnesses, Demal acted in a professional manner and has met with both parties separately.

"The marriage between Jemtal Oermann and Beriart Oermann was made under Nerakan law," Demal said. "As such, only a Nerakan law can dissolve or annul this marriage. No such record exists."

"The question was raised as to which Jemtal Oermann is in question here," Demal continued. "We are, in essence, looking at three versions of the same man. One is a Knight of the Skull, married to Beriart Oermann. His actions as a sleeper agent are voluntary."

"However, a new Jemtal Oermann was created when he infiltrated the Citadel of Light. This man was forced to have visions of another life against his will. While this Jemtal Oermann is now healed and aware of his past, it is obvious that this is not the same man that Beriart Oermann married.

Therefore, this court finds in favor of Jemtal Oermann and Cassandra Renay. By the power of Shinare, the previous marriage to Beriart Oermann is considered null and void, as the Jemtal Oermann she married no longer exists.

Witnesses report that Beriart Oermann stormed out of the proceedings swearing revenge.

In Your Campaign:

At this point, Beriart Oermann has become a sworn enemy of the Citadel of Light. Her anger is so intense that she has hired assassins to kill Cassandra Renay. Beriart also seeks revenge on Barish Demal.

Beriart's misguided love for Jemtal will see her continuing to try to capture him in hopes of returning his original personality to him. Her obsession will destroy anyone in her way.

A group of heroes may be needed to rescue Jemtal from Beriart's clutches and stop any assassination attempts. Beriart may become the head of a minor faction of Skull Knights devoted to wiping out the Citadel of Light. Will the heroes stop her in time?