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Palast, 18th day of Darkember, 432 AC
Late Watch falling 13
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Citadel Cleric Accused of Polygamy

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 10, 421 AC

Schallsea – Jemtal Oermann, head cleric of Mishakal at the Citadel of Light, has been accused of polygamy by his first wife, Beriart Oermann, Knight of the Skull.

"Jemtal was on a mission for the Knighthood, one forced on us by the evil dragon overlord Malys," Beriart said. "He was sent to learn the art of mysticism, one that the Citadel mystics would not share with the rest of the world. However, the Citadel mystics brainwashed him and he took on a Citadel Mystic as a wife! However, the marriage is null and void as we are still married. I demand that my husband be returned to me and the Citadel of Light apologize to the Knights of Neraka!"

"The woman is daft," Cassandra Renay, Jemtal Oermann's current wife said. "What the Dark Knights did to Jemtal was inhuman. They replaced his personality with a 'sleeper' personality. Yet the original personality was still there and the division drove him mad. When he came down from the Silver Stair as a cleric of Mishakal, the dichotomy in his soul was gone. He was a healed man. He knew his past and who was responsible for his 'sleeper' personality – his own wife!"

According to Citadel of Light records, the original marriage to Beriart was annulled due to the circumstances of Jemtal's past. However, the Knights of Neraka do not recognize the authority behind the annulment and are demanding justice.

Jemtal Oermann was not available for comment.

In Your Campaign:

Beriart Oermann makes for a great villain in games centered around the Citadel of Light. Her accusations cause a strong political tension that cannot easily be dispensed. She is charismatic enough to sway many opinions.

Jemtal Oermann and Cassandra Renay are in a difficult position. The reputation of the Citadel of Light is on the line as the caretakers are under the political spotlight. While most clerics and mystics at the Citadel are supportive, doubts of their caretakers surface.

Can the heroes find a solution to this problem? Who will they side with?