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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour rising 9
The Palanthas Herald

Schallsea Troops Relieved

by Sticko, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 3, 421 AC

Schallsea - After 12 months the 17th century of the mighty 4th legion is to coming home.

This week the 6th century of the 2nd legion arrived at Schallsea to relieve the 17th as part of a larger action to reunite the entire 4th legion.

According to reports the entire 4th Solamnic legion will be assembled in full strength. This has not happened since before the War of Souls. The 4th has been used for garrison duty and supporting other legions since 389 AC. This will be the first time centuries from the 4th have been relived by troops from another legion.

Rumors have begun to spread that Emperor Markham maybe about to expand the growing empire once more. However, no members of the Senate would make an official comment.

Sir Hale Gard, Knight of the Crown and Commander of the 6th Century 2nd Legion was welcomed by the Schallsea garrison commander Lady Camilla Weoledge Knight of the Sword, at an official hand over Ceremony held at the Century's new fortress home of the Sentinel.

"I look forward to working with the 6th and Sir Gard" said Lady Weoledge after the ceremony. While Schallsea is not the most dangerous of posts the need for stead fast troops to assist the White Cloaks who are the town watch as well as helping out both the native Wemitowuk and Qué-Nal villages."

Sir Gard was more pleased to be on solid ground than any thing else, but did say "leaving the 2nd legion will be hard for most of these men but we will return in 12 months and when that time comes I'm sure it will be hard to leave here."

While the 6th century was being welcomed by Lady Weoledge the 17th was preparing to board the ship home. Commander of the 17th century 4th legion Sir Alric Uth Gartin Knight of the crown was the last to step on to the ship for him this post was important for him more so than any other member of the 17th.

"I came here a squire and I leave here commanding the 17th" said Sir Alric though he then said "I will miss Schallsea it has been like a second home, but it will be good to once more set foot on Solamnic soil" however Sir Alric would not comment on why the entire 4th legion was being mustered.

"I cannot wait to see my wife" said Philcus a man at arms in the 17th "it has been 12 months since I've held her in my arms." Another man at arms Duncan McCrowle said he hadn't yet meet his son who was born one moth after he left Palanthas, "when we arrive in Palanthas I will spend all my hard earned leave getting to know my son".

The 17th is due to arrive in Palanthas by the end of Deepkolt and will reunite with the 4th legion in Brookgreen.