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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Necromancer's Lair Discovered

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Newkolt 27, 421 AC

Palanthas -The hidden base of the necromancer plaguing Palanthas has been discovered.

Rumors began circulating early last week, even as small bands of undead continued their attacks throughout the city. However, there was no official word until early Misham evening, when respected sage Wilfred Brahm finely made an announcement about information he had collected, mainly from kender Nightstalkers. Nightstalkers are mystics, typically kender, whose expertise lies in dealing with ghosts and other forms of the deceased.

"This week we received several reports from the kender nightstalkers, jumbled and utterly inconsistent except for one factor that "a creepy black robed walking dead type guy" was involved. We tried to investigate, having agents follow the leads as best we could, but there is about as much truth in most kender tales as there is honor in a dark knight. It wasn't until this morning that we received word from someone we could trust."

"Kristoph Brandon, Knight of the Crown and his kender companions, Saige Tombstone, Mercy Bluesky, Devon Twilleagher and Vinnii Pryce emerged from the cellars beneath Jannelers Fine China, being chased by a mummified minotaur. With the assistance of the guard, the mummy was quickly dispatched. For several days the party had been searching the abandoned dwarven tunnels beneath the city for the one responsible for the undead and finally they succeeded."

Stepping aside Brahm, made room for Brandon to take over. The young knight obviously had been through a lot, his chainmail amour was in tatters and his breastplate deeply scored in several places. His kender compatriots' attire was in a similar condition as they chattered and giggled nearby - about a bull in a china shop.

"Following the waves of necromantic energy, we quickly found the general area we sought, but we had trouble finding it's precise location, which we feared was concealed by magic. We searched for two days straight, fighting off undead attacks and found nothing. We were about to give up when we had a lucky break." Here Vinnii Pryce piped in with an enthusiastic, "That was me!" before Brandon continued. "We stumbled onto a hidden door of dwarven make. It led down to another level where we discovered a lich."

"We didn't have to pry very hard to get information from Jhelaun. He all to happily monologued spilling his history, including his plans for the undead and the weapons stolen from the armory," said Brandon. "He was being so cordial he caught us completely unaware when he teleported away."

According to Brandon, the lich, a former red robe who identified himself as Jhelaun, revealed that he had lived just prior to the cataclysm. A Knight of the Divine Hammer had mortally wounded him, and he would have died had a dark god not offered to help him gain revenge; bestowing on him lichdom. Most importantly, they discovered that the lich had used the powers of a necromantic artifact to trick the Nightstalkers into organizing this pilgrimage to Palanthas, and to build an undead army.

An article from the Palanthian Times during the Age of Might seems to support Jhelaun's story.

Brandon and his kender allies reported their findings to the Emperor's Spokeman, who relayed the information the Emperor. It is believed there are enough troops to protect Palanthas should the unthinkable happen, but Emperor Markham insists he is ready to recall the 5th Legion from Lemish if necessary.