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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Solamnic Legion Occupies Elmwood

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Newkolt 27, 421 AC

Lemish – The Solamnic Legion has occupied the small town of Elmwood in northern Lemish.

Several months after threatening to send the Solamnic Legion to Lemish, Emperor Markham has finally made good on his word.

According to Palace sources, logistics and supply problems have prevented the Solamnic Legion from being mobilized until a few weeks ago.

Lord Amstern Chesney, Emperor Markham's Spokesman told the Herald, "We've been trying for months to work out the logistics of mounting a policing action in Lemish while maintaining adequate protections throughout the rest of the Empire. I am proud to say that two weeks ago the 5th Legion rode out of Palanthas and yesterday entered Lemish proper."

Expecting to be met with resistance immediately on entering the province, the Solamnic Legion was surprised when the residents of Elmwood met them with open arms.

"I must say I was not expecting to be welcomed in Lemish," said Lady Solara Silvercrest, Knight of the Sword and Commander of the 5th Legion. "These people actually opened the gates for us and invited us in. I must admit I found the whole situation a little odd, but freedom does strange things to people."

According to records held at the Great Library, Lemish was once a province of Solamnia. It was annexed during the time of Vinas Solamnus, but little authority was ever exerted and eventually it declared itself an independent state. Various forces from Solamnia repeatedly attempted to bring it back into the fold, but were unsuccessful. It was this authority Markham acted on to annex Lemish.

Though Lemish was annexed by Solamnia during the war with Ankhar's Horde, Emperor Markham has exerted little authority over the province. Until now, the most authority the Solamnic Empire had over Lemish came in the form of a Military Governor and a platoon of Solamnic Legionaires. When the Military Governor and his family were slain several months ago, the province began to drift back toward tyranny.

"We've been waiting years to break away from the corrupt leaders of Lemish," said Wilhelm Morton, an Elmwood noble, "I thought things would be different after we were annexed by Solamnia, but it seems we still have the same corrupt leaders in positions of power. Governor Riyan has enacted many of the same policies as Lord Tyrian did. Any day now I expected the Black Guard to show up. Good thing the good guys got here first."

Lady Silvercrest has been set up in the manor once resided in by Lady Herra of Lathe, who was Mayor of the town until she passed away several years ago. She had no heirs and the house has lain empty since.