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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Darkwatch rising 24
The Palanthas Herald

Undead Loot City Arsenal

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Newkolt 6, 421 AC

Palanthas -Kirinor night a guard patrol chasing some of the kender plaguing Palanthas stumbled across a group of undead looting one of the arsenals the city maintains for its defense.

"We were chasing after the pack of kender nuisances that were responsible for painting lewd pictures of Astinus on the side of the Library," said Morris Sheppard of Guard. "When we passed near the dockside arsenal, we noticed that the doors had been ripped from their hinges and left lying in the middle of the street."

Abandoning their chase, the patrol regrouped to enter the building to investigate. "We found skeletons and zombies, their arms full of swords, axes and other weapons," Sheppard added. "When we tried to stop them, a black robed figure emerged from the shadows. He chanted some words that sounded like they came straight from the Abyss and tossed some bone shards at one of the skeletons, which began to grow and change. It was normal human size, but in a couple of heartbeats it was the skeleton of a giant. It tore a beam from the ceiling and began swiping at us. It was too much for us, all my men were taken out by the monster and it had me backed into a corner, I was soon to be supping with the gods when Mercy and her friends arrived."

Mercy Bluesky is a kender cleric of Mishakal whose constant companions are the kender cousins Devon Twilleagher and Vinnii Pryce.

"My friends and I had doubled back to see why Morris and his boys had stopped chasing us," Mercy said. "That ginormous skeleton was about to squish Morry like a bug. I couldn't let that happen, he's just too much fun! Dev and Vinnii wanted to have a chat with the skeleton. Typical Nightstalkers both of them, all talk no action, so I dealt with the big bad bone beastie by myself."

The little cleric called on her goddess's power turning the skeletal giant to dust.

"I hate to admit it, but I owe that little troublemaker my life," said Sheppard.

None of the wounded guardsmen were permanently injured, thanks to the prompt ministrations of Mercy and her friends. Unfortunately, the black robed individual and his undead escaped with well over a thousand weapons before they were discovered and stopped. None of which have yet been recovered.