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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour falling 2
The Palanthas Herald

Daltigoth Menaced by Snow-men

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Frostkolt 25, 420 AC

Daltigoth – Ogre patrols at the city gates are being menaced by snow –men

For the past several weeks, ogre patrols manning the city gates of Daltigoth have been sporadically assaulted by creatures of ice and snow in the shape of crude men. These snow-men have attempted several times to breach the gates, but thus far have been repelled.

Emma Xela of the Legion of Steel told the Herald, "I personally witnessed one of the assaults. The snow-men acted as a coordinated unit and drew forth the ogre defenders with a barrage of snow missiles. There was a figure directing the actions of the snow-men toward the rear. I couldn't see much of the figure other than a wisp of red hair underneath a white cloak."

As a result of the assaults on their positions, the ogres have stepped up their actions to eradicate the Legion of Steel cell operating in Daltigoth. Stribog, Dictatorial Guard Officer and acting Regent of Daltigoth, has charged the Dictatorial Guard with smashing the Legion.

Regent Stribog was unavailable for comment.

"I appreciate this mysterious figure's efforts," said Xela," But he or she is only making our job more difficult. Daltigoth is a hotbed right now as several factions are making a play for dominance of the city, including the Legion. We don't need any outside interference."

Rumors of the mysterious figure's identity have spread all over town. Some believe she is a renegade wizard seeking to dominate the city for her own ends, while others believe the mysterious figure to be a rogue white dragonspawn seeking to regain a position of dominance following the demise of the white Dragon Overlord, Frost.

The dragonspawn rumor is given credence by many in light of a recent incident in which a family was saved from winter wolves by a heroic white dragonspawn.

"Me and mine were saved from near certain death by a white dragonspawn," said Keeva Darbill. "We got lost in a storm and were surrounded by winter wolves. I thought for sure we'd be killed, but this white dragonspawn with red hair came out of no where and drove off the wolves. She then led us back to the man road. She never did tell us her name though"

Factions citywide have begun to hunt for this elusive white dragonspawn. Regent Stribog has placed a bounty of 1500 Steel Scales on the head of the white dragonspawn.