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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 13
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Flying Citadel Sanctuary for Sorcerers

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Frostkolt 16, 420 AC

Kalaman – A flying citadel has appeared in the sky over Kalaman and claims to be a sanctuary for sorcerers.

This morning the people of Kalaman woke with a literal shadow hovering overhead. Members of the Kalaman Militia on duty last night, report that the flying citadel appeared sometime after Darkwatch. Eduard Witold, Sergeant of the Watch was on duty and sounded the alarm.

"We watched the flying citadel for about six hours, but nothing came out of it," said Witold. "We kept expecting to see an invasions force come out of the thing, but nothing of the sort. Imagine our surprise when six hours later, we saw a gold dragon come out of the flying citadel."

According to Witold and several other members of the Kalaman Militia, the gold dragon set down outside the walls of Castle Kalaman, and a figure in blue robes edged in gold dismounted from the dragon followed by six other figures in blue robes. The six figures took up flanking positions around the seventh, who addressed the crowd.

"People of Kalaman, do not be afraid. We are not here to harm anyone. We are here to speak directly to the sorcerers hiding in the shadows of your fair city. I am Ulin Majere and I am here to help."

It is said the speaker's words could be heard all over Kalaman.

"Long have I watched as wizard killed sorcerer, sorcerer killed wizard, and Thorn Knight killed both. This incessant warfare has not helped the causes of either wizards or sorcerers; if anything it has only made people fear us even more. My father, Palin Majere created the Academy of Sorcery, now hovering above us, to be a place where sorcerers of all stripes could come together in peace and learn. I make that offer anew. I offer sanctuary at the Academy of the Dragon Mage. This offer applies to sorcerers and wizards alike. All I ask is that those who choose to accompany me leave the Mage War squabble behind them. The Academy is my home and the home of dozens of others; I will not tolerate magical aggression in my home. I will return in two hours time. Those who wish to join me, have until then to prepare."

The seven men then mounted the dragon and took to the air, returning to the flying citadel from whence they came.

Lord Genton's Seneschal issued a brief statement when asked about Majere's offer. "Lord Genton has expressed his opinion in the past. There will be no repercussions for those wishing to accept Majere's offer. In fact, Lord Genton encourages sorcerers and wizards to go with Majere. They may go with his blessing."

Karat, a black-robed member of the Orders of High Sorcery, and so-called Renegade Hunter offered these words, "Majere is a fool just like his father. There can be no peace between sorcerers and wizards. The Conclave will want to take immediate action on these developments."

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